Financial wellbeing

Financial wellbeing means understanding how money works, and managing your spending, saving and any debts so you can enjoy life today and live well tomorrow.

Steps to grow good money habits

Our financial wellbeing programme can help. Take it at your own pace. You can dip into just a step or two, or work through the programme's six steps in any order. It may help to start with getting your financial wellbeing score.

Recent articles and guides

Delve deeper into specific topics, including money-saving hacks, understanding products like overdrafts, and how to talk about money with your whānau.

Related tools and content

Budget calculator

Plan your spending and saving with our budget calculator. Plug in your after-tax income and main expenses to create a budget that works for you.

Savings goal calculator

Use this calculator to work out how much money you need to save weekly, monthly or each year to reach your savings goal.

Savings growth calculator

See how much your savings will grow over time as you make regular payments and earn interest. 

Financial wellbeing webinars

Free webinars to learn about planning your spend, managing debt, setting savings goals and protecting your future.

Support if you face sudden financial stress

Unexpected events can put added stress on you and your wallet. If you start to worry about your situation, it’s important to talk to us early. Please don't go it alone. Call us on 0800 269 296.

Financial hardship

Our hardship team may be able to offer extra support if you experience a hardship event, e.g. job loss, serious illness, a relationship breakdown.