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Winter budgeting tips

When it’s chilly outside, it’s easy to cling to cash-draining habits for their perceived warmth. With a few simple change-outs for winter, you could boost your bank balance – and have fun doing it.

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Get cosy while saving cash

Cutting back on expenses during winter doesn’t have to mean forgoing a social life. Getting your friends involved is a brilliant way to elevate the experience into a months-long fun fest. And you’ll be astonished at how much money you could save – money you could funnel into your emergency fund or save for a holiday.

Here are our five top tips to help you cosy up with cash over the colder months. Ready to rug up and save?

Steps to financial wellbeing

Our financial wellbeing programme can help. Try one step or two, or work through the programme's six steps in any order.

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