Managing your ANZ business credit cards

To help you manage your business' credit card accounts, and to answer some common questions, we've prepared some useful information for business credit card users.

Managing your card online

Link your card to ANZ Internet Banking

Call us on 0800 269 249 to link your business credit card to ANZ Internet Banking.

Link your card to ANZ Direct Online or ANZ Transactive

Contact your Relationship Manager or call us on 0800 269 347 to link your business credit card to ANZ Direct Online or ANZ Transactive.

You can use ANZ Direct Online or ANZ Transactive to:

  • Change card credit limits.
  • Request additional cardholders.
  • Request replacement cards.
  • Cancel cards.
  • See your account statements.

Make changes to an account

If you don’t have your card linked to internet banking, you can use these forms to make changes.

Add an additional cardholder

Complete the appropriate form and email it to to add an additional cardholder to an existing account.

Other account changes

Complete the appropriate form and email it to to make other changes, including:

  • Mailing address.
  • Billing cycle.
  • Statement preferences.
  • Cardholder limits.

Problems with a card or account

Disputing a transaction

If you see a transaction on your card statement that you don’t recognise or looks suspicious, call us on 0800 473 473. We may be able to clarify the situation for you.

If, after clarification, you want to dispute the transaction, complete this form, scan it and email it to

Reporting a lost or stolen card or PIN

Call us on 0800 473 473 (from overseas +64 4 496 7246) if:

  • Your card has been lost, stolen or used by someone else.
  • Your PIN record has been lost or stolen, or has become known by, or used by, someone else.

Expiring card

We will send you a replacement card a few weeks before your business credit card is due to expire. Replacement cards are sent to your business address.

You can use your new card as soon as you receive it. You will need to securely dispose of your old card.

How can we help?

From overseas: +64 4 496 7246

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