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Contactless payments

Make contactless payments at thousands of locations worldwide

You can use your ANZ credit or debit card to make contactless payments at thousands of contactless terminals around the world - just look out for the Contactless symbol, and the MasterCard PayPass or Visa Paywave symbol.


All ANZ credit and debit cards offer contactless payment technology - so paying for your everyday purchases is quick, secure and convenient.

Pay for purchases using contactless - simply tap your card on the contactless terminal when instructed. You can pay using your ANZ Visa Debit or personal ANZ Visa Credit cards and using your:

  • compatible iPhone or Apple Watch with Apple Paydisclaimer
  • compatible Android phone with ANZ goMoney Walletdisclaimer

For purchases over NZ$80 you will need to enter your PIN.

Safety and security

Contactless payments use the same secure, reliable payment network as chip card transactions made with your ANZ credit and debit cards.  Your information is kept safe using leading-edge security features and you’re protected against fraudulent transactions by ANZ’s Zero Liability Protection.disclaimer

You can make contactless payments with ANZ credit or debit cards with confidence:

  • Your information is encrypted before it’s sent from your card or phone to the contactless terminal, to ensure it can’t be obtained by an unauthorised card reader.
  • You can’t ‘accidentally’ make a payment just by walking past a contactless terminal or have payment taken twice – your card or phone has to be held close to the terminal for longer than half a second, the retailer must enter the amount first, and each transaction has to be complete before another can be made.
  • Your card or phone never leaves your hand, so you’re always in control.
  • Larger purchases (over NZD80) still require a PIN.
  • Our sophisticated fraud monitoring system monitors your accounts and if it identifies unusual activity, we’ll block your card and contact you to make sure it’s really you making the transaction.

You’ll also be covered by MasterCard and Visa's Zero Liabilitydisclaimer protection should fraudulent transactions occur, provided you haven’t contributed to the loss in any way and you notify us that your card has been lost or stolen within a reasonable time.


Find out more about card security

Common questions about contactless payments

Contactless is a way to pay that securely transmits purchase information via a computer chip and tiny antenna embedded in your card.

It'll save you time - because you don't have to swipe, insert, sign or enter a PIN when you make a purchase for NZ$80 or less at a MasterCard PayPass or Visa Paywave merchant in New Zealand (transaction limits may vary for overseas merchants). And you won't have to worry about carrying notes and coins around. It’s fast and ideal at places where speed is essential, like at stadiums, fast food outlets and more. Plus, you'll still be able to swipe or insert your card whenever you need to. Also, as the card never leaves your hand, it's the secure way to pay for smaller purchases.

Any retailer who displays the MasterCard PayPass or Visa Paywave logo and the contactless symbol contactless icon  can accept contactless payments.

Any retailer who displays the MasterCard PayPass or Visa Paywave logo and the contactless symbol contactless icon  can accept contactless payments.

You can use your ANZ credit or debit card for any amount. But if the purchase is over NZ$80, you will need to enter a PIN in New Zealand. Please note the purchase amount overseas will vary from country to country.

While standard transaction fees will apply, you won't be charged any extra for using contactless to pay for your transactions.

You will only receive a receipt if you request one from the retailer or when you are required to enter a PIN or sign the receipt.

You'll hear a beep and a message will be displayed confirming that your transaction has been approved or declined.

No. The retailer must have firstly entered the amount for you to approve, and then your card has to be waved over the PayPass or Paywave reader.

Contactless transactions use secure encryption technology, and are processed through the same, reliable payment network as regular transactions - making them just as secure.

  • You are in control – your card never leaves your hands to make a payment.
  • No accidental payments – your card must be extremely close to the reader at checkout to work, even if the card is waved over more than once you’ll only be billed once.
  • Contactless cards are designed so information obtained by an unauthorised reader cannot be used to counterfeit your card, or used for internet or over the phone purchases.


Yes. Simply insert or swipe your card and go through the traditional payment process.


No. With contactless the transaction is automatically charged to your credit or debit card account ("credit" for "credit cards" and your nominated "fast cash" account for Visa Debit).


Yes. If you'd prefer not to use contactless, you can use your ANZ credit or debit card in the traditional way.


Yes. Contactless can be used anywhere the MasterCard PayPass or Visa Paywave logo and the symbol contactless icon is displayed. Please note the purchase limit for using contactless overseas will vary from country to country. This means that you may be prompted to enter a PIN or sign the receipt for transactions less than NZ$80 or you may be able to use the contactless functionality for transactions of more than NZ$80.

Contactless transactions will display on your statement just like any other transaction you make with your card.

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