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Over half the value of New Zealand's merchandise exports is in food and beverage. Growing world population and increasing wealth, especially in Asia, mean huge opportunities for your business.

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Bringing the world to New Zealand

Food tourism is a growing trend, with new generations of travellers looking for unique and memorable food and beverage experiences.

How can we connect our thriving food and beverage sector with our booming tourism industry, and realise the opportunities this brings?

This report talks about the types of tourists that value quality food and beverage experiences, and how to unlock the brand ambassador role they can play when they return home.

Hospitality insights paper

Our 2018 paper found that New Zealand’s hospitality sector continued to grow, with consumer expenditure across the restaurant, cafes, bars and nightclub sectors over the previous two years up +15%.

With challenges ahead for businesses, this paper aims to cover considerations for hospitality businesses in managing business performance going forward.

OANZ Organic sector market report

The OANZ 2018 Market Report offers an in-depth analysis that incorporates a whole of market, integrated value chain and systems approach from consumer to producer.

In the two years to 2017, New Zealand's organic sector grew one-third in value. Growth was recorded in both organic exports and the domestic organic market, with the domestic organic market growing at twice the pace of the conventional food market.

Agricultural innovation and the need for the economy and businesses to adapt are not new. How can New Zealand’s primary sectors best position themselves?

Up the ’value-add’ ladder

Competitive pressures, continuous improvements and changing consumer trends make ‘value-add’ a moving target. 

This paper looks at some examples of ‘value-added’ goods and how they can be quickly scaled at an industry level. This in turn creates a more meaningful change in earnings for shareholders including farmers, employees and exporters.

Growing smarter

Technology and a new generation of wine makers are driving innovation in the New Zealand wine sector.

Tips to create a Disaster Recovery Plan for your business

Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan before it’s required is crucial to retaining business continuity after an unexpected disaster, and recovering faster in the months that follow – this video will give you some great tips so you can get your Disaster Recovery Plan in place for your business.

Rise of the climate conscious consumer

Steve Dixon, ESG Specialist at ANZ, explores current and future trends we’re seeing with conscious consumerism, people’s desire to live a sustainable lifestyle and how this affects your business. 

Legal essentials for small to medium business owners

Our guest speaker, Jonathan Norman from Sainsbury Logan & Williams law firm, shares some legal tips on topics such as limited liability protection, terms of trade, employment laws, and branding protection.

Staff training and development for staff retention

Andrea Stevenson, Director of Human Resources at Baker Tilly Staples Rodway, shares her top staff retention tips, how to best onboard new staff, how to use the skill/will matrix to grow your staff and the difference between coaching and mentoring. 

How to deliver extraordinary customer experiences

Jacqui Hartley-Smith from Positive Solutions Ltd shares a range of tools and tips to help you improve customer experience in your business. 

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