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Every Māori business is different. Whether you’re running a whānau-owned business, managing assets on behalf of others, or working in the community, our people understand what you do.

Te Tirohanga Whānui

Te Tirohanga Whānui is a body of research initiated by ANZ in 2014 to gather, consolidate and share Māori economic insights and ultimately help maximise the potential of the Māori economy, and Aotearoa New Zealand as a whole.

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Māori business support

Get specialist banking expertise from people who understand and work with Māori businesses of different sizes, industries and stages of development.

Ko te kai a te rangatira, he kōrero

Ko te kai a te rangatira, he kōrero – Knowledge and communication is the food of chiefs. Hear from Toni Kerr, Head of Māori Business Projects and Strategic Relationships at WellingtonNZ (Ngāti Tūwharetoa, Ngāti Raukawa ki te Tonga), and senior members of ANZ’s Māori team on governance approaches which can help Pakihi Māori think differently about governance.

Kia Whakamahere

Kia Whakamahere – How to create an effective business plan. A good business plan can make a huge difference to your mahi. In this webinar recording you’ll learn how to create an effective plan and how to use it to make your business fly.

Kia whai rawa

Kia whai rawa – How to make a profit and maintain your cash flow. Running a successful business is about managing your pūtea well. This webinar recording includes tips on how to prepare a profitability budget as well as a cash flow forecast, and how to improve cash flow.

Kia whakaohooho, part 1

Kia whakaohooho – Inspiring each other for a better future, part 1. In this webinar recording, get inspired by successful Māori business founder, Kale Panoho, Managing Partner at K&J Growth, on ‘Giving it a crack’ no matter where you come from. Plus, hear from our experienced Māori business bankers on the potential challenges and opportunities for a fast-growing business. 

Kia whakaohooho, part 2

Kia whakaohooho – Inspiring each other for a better future, part 2. In this webinar recording, successful Māori businesswoman Blanche Morrogh, CEO of Kai Ora Honey, shares her story and reflects on how more Māori businesses can participate and benefit environmentally, economically, and sustainably from a land to brand strategy such as Kai Ora’s. 

Upcoming ANZ business webinars and events

We offer free webinars to help your business thrive. Whether you're starting, already up and running, or need some inspiration. We've got a range of webinars to suit your needs.

Ngāti Porou: Putting community before profit

Meet the holding company operating under a unique business model: one that’s not just driven by potential profits, but by the contribution it can make to the wider community.

NZ tech start-ups attract Māori

There is growing Māori interest in joining a new wave of investors in New Zealand’s fast-growing technology sector – and they’re in it for more than just the money. It is being seen as a way to diversify investments and make portfolios more resilient, while also creating new opportunities for their people.

Tākiri-ā-Rangi Te Ao Māori Strategy

ANZ New Zealand Te Ao Māori Strategy 2040

ANZ New Zealand wants to better reflect and respond to the cultural diversity of the workforce, customer base and country. Tākiri-ā-Rangi sets our course as a bank inspired by the hopes and aspirations of all.

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