Managing your ANZ business credit cards

To help you manage your business' credit card accounts and answer some FAQs, we've prepared some useful information below.

Request additional cardholders

To add an additional cardholder to an existing account please complete and email the appropriate form below to


Making changes to your card account

To make changes to your account details including address, billing cycle and cardholder please complete and email the appropriate form below to


Linking to a business credit card to ANZ Internet Banking or ANZ Direct Online

  • To link your ANZ Visa Business Card to ANZ Internet Banking, please contact your ANZ Business Specialist or call us on 0800 269 249.
  • To link any business credit card to your ANZ Direct Online site, please contact your ANZ Business Specialist.


Card maintenance via ANZ Direct Online

Business and Commercial card customers with an ANZ Direct Online site can submit a self-service maintenance requests online for the following maintenance types:

  • Limit maintenance
  • Requesting additional cards
  • Requesting replacement cards
  • Closing cards


Reporting lost or stolen cards or divulged PINs

Please notify us immediately on 0800 473 473 (international +64 4 496 7246) if:

  • your card has been lost, stolen or used by someone else
  • your PIN record has been lost, stolen or has become known to, or used by, someone else.


Disputing a transaction

If you are unsure about a transaction that has appeared on your statement please call the ANZ Commercial Card Service Centre on 0800 473 473 in the first instance.   We may be able to provide you with more information to help clarify the situation.

If you still wish to dispute a transaction, you can complete and submit a Customer Transaction Dispute Form (PDF 280kB) and email it to


Ordering a replacement card

You can order a replacement card by contacting the ANZ Commercial Cards team on 0800 473 473 between 8.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday.


Choosing a PIN

Choose something easy for you to remember but hard for anyone else to guess. Steer clear of obvious PINs based on your birth date, driver’s licence, phone numbers or other public/semi-public personal information, as they can be more easily guessed by fraudsters.


Load or change a PIN on your card

You can set up or change your PIN at any ANZ branch in New Zealand with photo ID.

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