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Te Mauri i ANZ

Our expertise, products and services make us a bank. Our people, purpose and culture make us ANZ. We’re a work whānau which collaborates to create opportunities, deliver what matters and succeed together.

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Our purpose

Our purpose is to shape a world where people and communities thrive.

Everything we do is focused on supporting our customers with their financial wellbeing and sustainability. When customers and their businesses are thriving, our communities are thriving too.

It’s a big promise and we’re making it happen by:

  • Helping people save for, buy and own a sustainable, liveable and affordable home
  • Helping people start or buy and sustainably grow their business
  • Helping companies move capital and goods and sustainably grow their business.

The bank we’re building

[Shayne speaking to camera]

ANZ has been around since 1835, but it’s continually evolved to meet the demands of the changing marketplace– Same DNA, different ANZ. Let’s talk about the bank we’re building now for the future. 

Five years ago we set a bold ambition – to simplify and strengthen the bank, focus on areas where we can deliver great customer outcomes and provide decent returns for shareholders. 

We’ve made great strides, simplifying the bank ahead of our peers and helping customers to take advantage of opportunities as well as supporting them through challenges. We’ve delivered against our ambition, creating a strong position that allows us to anticipate and embrace change.

Now it’s time to shift gears, to think ahead and paint a picture about our future.

The ‘Bank We’re Building’ is designed to bring together the things that collectively define us – our purpose, our strategy and our culture.

[Animation starts]

Our purpose - to shape a world where people and communities thrive – hasn’t changed.  Purpose drives what we do at ANZ, underpinning the decisions each of us make every day. We bring our purpose to life by delivering on our strategy.

Our strategy is to improve the financial wellbeing and sustainability of customers focused on: 

  • Helping people save for, buy and own a sustainable, liveable and affordable home 
  • Helping people start or buy and sustainably grow their business 
  • Helping companies move goods and capital around the region.

We’ll achieve our strategy by emphasising four aspects – propositions, platforms, partnerships and people.  You can find out more about what this means on Max. 

We’re building a better bank to adapt, to evolve, to survive and to flourish over the long term. 

I’m excited and inspired about our future, about The Bank We’re Building and I hope you are too.

Building a vibrant culture

To set you up for success and help you get the most out of your time at ANZ, we’re continuously investing in building a vibrant culture.

Mori Rapana - Te Pou Arataki Cultural Advisor

"As a new addition to the ANZ whānau (family), the phrase 'Me he manu au e kakapa nei - I am all a-flutter like a bird' accurately reflects my experience working at ANZ and refers to the prospect of excitement and exuberance of a Pīwakawaka (fantail) bird that skips excitedly across the air and land.

Like this beautiful bird, I too, feel excited and impassioned by the people, place, culture, diversity and sincerity that is ANZ, and I look forward to contributing to ANZ's ongoing commitment of enhancing the well-being and prosperity of communities throughout Aotearoa."

A great place to belong

We don’t just look after the wellbeing of our customers. The wellbeing of our people is also a priority, so you can be yourself as part of an inclusive community. We’re continuously listening and responding to our people and we’re proud that:

  • 90% of our people say the work they do makes a difference to ANZ’s customers and stakeholders
  • 88% of our people say they can be themselves at work
  • 85% of our people would recommend ANZ has a great place to work
  • 64% of us have been with ANZ for five years or longer.

Reasons to choose ANZ

Hear from some of our people

How we work

At ANZ we’re a diverse bunch, in different roles, different locations, doing different things. The way we work also differs particularly when and where we work. Depending on your role and locations there are many options to choose from to help make work ‘work for you’.

Flexible hours

Nine to five doesn’t work for everyone. We offer the freedom to start early or finish later - whatever suits you and your role.

Part-time arrangements

Part-time hours (as part of a job share or a standalone role) may be possible to support you with career responsibilities, study and other personal pursuits.

Flexible locations

Depending on your role, work some of your week from wherever you need to, on the road, from home, or the local coffee shop.

Lifestyle leave and career breaks

Top up your annual leave with additional purchased leave or take a longer period of unpaid time off.

Tools and equipment

For those who work some of the time at home, ANZ helps ensure they have the tools and equipment needed by providing:

  • Laptop, wireless mouse and keyboard
  • A contribution towards an ergonomic chair
  • A contribution towards a monitor.

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