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If reinventing the wheel is in your wheelhouse, you’ve found the right place. Our teams of technologists are shaping the future of the bank by digitising to make banking easier for our customers.

Take the next big step in your career

Building a bank for the future

At ANZ we sink our teeth into some of the most challenging technology issues and develop innovate solutions to make us a better bank. Our teams of analysts, testers, developers, architects and product managers are modernising at scale to propel the bank into the future by, embracing a cloud-first approach, working with great teams, and innovative tech to solve interesting challenges every day.

Our teams have the opportunity to contribute to InnerSource and open source projects at a scale that give our technologists:

  • Challenging problems to solve, like serving up banking 24x7 to millions of daily users, working on petabytes of data, or optimising massive workloads in the cloud and on-premise
  • A strong understanding of evolving technology, techniques, and skills helping to future proof careers
  • Complex analytics to dive deep into, that protect our customers, and be part of the future of banking.


Why choose ANZ?

Make work, work for you

We’re a diverse bunch at ANZ, in different roles, different locations, doing different things. The way we work also differs particularly when and where we work.

Depending on your role and location there are many options to choose from, to help make work “work for you”, including the ability to work some of your week from home.

Our technology pathways

At ANZ, technology talent plays an important role in building the future of the bank. 

Whether you’re interested in a technical track or more of an analyst focused path, you’ll have the opportunity and flexibility to explore a variety of different areas and technologies.

We’ll invest heavily in your development, you’ll develop your skills quickly across a range of disciplines, giving you a good grounding across technology, while gaining specific expertise in your chosen track. 

You’ll work on challenging projects with our talented teams and will be supported 100% of the way. 

Depending on your interests and skills you could be:

  • Part of a scrum team developing and testing features for our customer-facing digital applications
  • Working as part of our infrastructure cloud squad, building out ANZ’s enterprise cloud capability
  • Driving one of our many transformation initiatives as a business analyst
  • A developer in a scrum team focused on our backend, banking application.

Key partnerships

Get involved with us through our different partners.

Hear from some of our people

Scott - Engineering Manager

Creating automated solutions to improve our mobile app.

We open with Scott and a collegue walking in the office, then to Scott speaking.

Opening frame animation of eight people in a row with the text 'Code. Automate. Release'.

The text changes to 'Engineering@ANZ' with the one of the people in the animation brought forward into focus with a speech bubble that says 'Hi, I'm Scott'.

"I work in a value stream of products and services that make up the core of cloud banking. I’m part of a squad of about 50 engineers. We’re an agile team who write code in Go, we automate where possible, and continuously release using CI/CD pipelines. Our whole management structure is made up of engineers, so I’ve been able to introduce initiatives that have been embraced by the team. If you have an idea, we’ll see if it works. I’m passionate about

improving our customers experience of the mobile app. How can I make that easier? faster? more intuitive?

I’m Scott and I’m an engineer at ANZ."

End frame graphic:

Be the engineer you want to be @ANZ

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