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Responsible investing

We’re committed to responsible investing because it’s good for society, and good for your investments too.

Our responsible investment approach

When you invest with us, you can be confident we’re investing responsibly. We believe responsible investing delivers better long-term outcomes for both our communities and our investors.

There are four main parts to our approach:

Active ownership

Sustainable performance & climate change

Guiding principles

What we don’t invest in

Focused on sustainability

The Sustainable International Share Fund invests in companies that pursue sustainable development goals while delivering above-average financial returns.

It does this through its investment in the NN (L) Global Sustainable Equity Fund (the GSE Fund). The GSE fund selects ‘best in class’ sustainable equities which combine a respect of social and environmental principles with a focus on financial targets.

The GSE Fund is managed by NNIP Asset Management B.V. (NNIP). In deciding what to invest in, NNIP follows a four-step investment process involving primary research, portfolio construction, execution, and monitoring. NNIP invests in those sustainable equities which are attractively priced and have both above-average growth and above-average return expectations.

When conducting its primary research NNIP takes responsible investment into account by:

  • screening the investment universe (being equities on the MSCI Developed Market World Index, as well as a limited number of non-index equities with sustainable characteristics) based on NNIP's sustainability criteria,
  • omitting any equities which do not qualify as "best-in-class",
  • excluding (absolutely) equities that derive a significant part of their revenue from activities deemed harmful to society, are non-ethical, or are not environmentally friendly (this includes equities that are involved in cluster munitions, landmines, tobacco, gambling and pornography),
  • using a proprietary ranking tool to rank the resultant equities according to their attractiveness (by valuation, quality and momentum).

Find out more about the Sustainable International Share Fund.

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