Sustainable investing

See how we’re investing sustainably for the long run. 

About sustainable investing

We’re strong advocates of sustainable investing (also known as responsible investing). Sustainable investing means when we’re considering whether to invest in a company, we don’t just look at their financial performance. We also look at their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, because we believe these factors have a big impact on long-term returns.

How we invest sustainably

Responsible Investment Framework

Our Responsible Investment Framework sets out our investment approach and the key principles that guide our investment decisions. 

What we don't invest in

We won’t invest in companies involved in the following harmful activities

We also won’t invest in companies that earn material revenues from the following activities*

*  We apply the revenue thresholds noted above to some of our exclusions because some of the companies derive small, non-material revenue from these activities – for example, which generates less than 1% of their revenue from adult entertainment.  

We also don’t invest in companies that have severely breached global standards – for example through severe abuses of human rights or the environment.

We maintain and regularly review a register of excluded companies that we don’t invest in.    

Environmental, social and governance factors

When we’re deciding whether to invest in a company, we don’t just look at their financial performance, because that is just one piece of the overall picture. We also look at how well they integrate ESG considerations into their business, because ESG factors have a significant impact on a business’s long-term success. 

Engagement – driving positive change

We actively engage with companies we invest in on key issues that are not aligned with our Responsible Investment Framework, to support them in becoming more sustainable.

One way we do this is by using our voting rights as shareholders to have our say on important issues and proposals (this is known as proxy voting).

We also ensure they are aligned with our Responsible Investment Framework – see some examples below.

As an investor in a global resources company through our Australian Equity manager, we were concerned about the environmental impact of a dam collapse in one of their projects in Brazil. They visited the site to ensure there were controls in place to prevent a similar event happening again, and continue to monitor their activities in Brazil.

Following allegations of bullying and harassment by the CEO of an industrial company we invest in, our investment team met with the Board Chair to discuss the allegations. Following our discussions, the CEO stepped down with the support of the Board, and the Board Chair stepped in as interim CEO. We were satisfied with the transition process to a new CEO and continue to engage with the Board on ESG matters.

Our Sustainable International Share Fund

While we apply sustainable investment principles to all of our ANZ-managed KiwiSaver schemes and investment funds, we also manage the OneAnswer KiwiSaver Scheme Sustainable International Share Fund. The fund invests mainly in international equities with a focus on ESG considerations. Companies the fund invests in:

  • Score highly on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.
  • Have a low carbon intensity and score well on their ability to transition to a low carbon economy.
  • Score well on quality, including measures of profitability and return on equity .

We monitor and measure the Sustainable International Share Fund’s performance against sustainability linked goals specific to this fund, on a quarterly basis. These goals are for the fund to have:

  • A carbon intensity that is 50% lower than the relevant market index.
  • Fossil fuel reserves that are 50% lower than the relevant market index.
  • An average ESG score that is 20% higher than the relevant market index.
  • A low carbon transition score that is 10% better than the relevant market index.

The results are made available on a quarterly basis:

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