Partnering with export solution providers

ANZ has well established relationships and experience of working with government and other agencies to provide a full suite of export solutions to New Zealand exporters.

For example

The NZ Export Credit Office (NZECO) provides financial guarantee and trade credit insurance products. When combined with ANZ solutions these products may enable an export opportunity to proceed where it may not have been previously possible due to the risks and / or complexity of the financial requirements, such as credit risk, buyer terms, or trade finance.

Details of NZECO capabilities can be found on their website.

Debtor insurance

As an exporter you can choose to mitigate your debtor risk by using credit insurance.

This can help protect your company against non-payment by the buyer for financial reasons (e.g. insolvency or default), as well as political/country payment restrictions (by arrangement with your insurer).

If your policy is with a known insurer, ANZ ExportLink (subject to ANZ credit criteria) may provide finance of the invoice value upon shipment. This allows you to advance your cash flows against your credit insurance policy.

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Important information

ANZ lending criteria, conditions and eligibility criteria apply and fees may be payable.