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Accounts for kids

Accounts to help kids learn about saving and managing their money.

  • No monthly account fees
  • Simple and straightforward
  • Free EFTPOS carddisclaimer, or a Visa Debit carddisclaimer with no annual card fee when linked to a Jumpstart account

There are two ways to set up an account for a child:

In your child's name

Choosing to open an account in a child’s name means they own the money, and they’re the only person who can make withdrawals from the account.

Children under 13 years old will need their parent’s (or guardian’s) permission to open an account. In this instance, it’s important to be aware of how the money can be accessed:

  • Money in accounts owned by children under seven years old can’t be accessed at all. If the money will need to be accessed before the child is seven years old, you might like to think about opening an informal trust account (see below).
  • Once a child is seven years old, they’ll be able to make cash withdrawals in a branch, and if their parent permits it they can bank in other ways like using ANZ Internet Banking and EFTPOS.

After turning 13 years old, children will have full access to any accounts in their name, and will also be able to open accounts themselves, and apply for a Visa Debit carddisclaimer.

In your name (informal trust account)

An informal trust account allows parents (and guardians) to open a savings account in their own name, but they hold the money in trust for a child. It's free to set up an informal trust account for a child (standard account and transactions fees may apply).

This means the parent has full access to money in the account, but any withdrawals need to be used for the benefit of the child.

Keep an eye on the account balance by adding the account to ANZ goMoney or Internet Bankingdisclaimer.

Helping kids learn about money

Teaching kids how money works and encouraging good savings habits will help set them up well for the future.

Learn more

Find out more about opening accounts for a child

If you’d like more information or would like to open an account for a child,  call us or talk to us today in any branch.

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How a child can access their account if it's in their own name

Kids under 7

Getting them started

No access

Money in these accounts can’t be accessed. If you need to access the money consider opening an account as an informal trust.

Pre-teens 7 to 12

Beginning to learn about banking

  • In branches

With parent/guardian consent:

Teenagers 13 to 18

Gaining more control over their banking

  • In branches

They can ask us directly for:

Looking for an account for students and under 21s?

Find out about Jumpstart for students and under 21s.

We'll help you figure things out

Help and support 

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Our financial advice provider statement has some important information you should know about ANZ and our financial advice services. Please take the time to read it.

Our eligibility criteria apply. Fees and interest rates are subject to change. Non-standard fees may apply. Please use the following links for full details of our Terms and ConditionsFees and Charges (PDF 166kB)ANZ EFTPOS Card and ANZ Visa Debit Card Conditions of Use (PDF 103kB), and ANZ Electronic Banking Conditions (PDF 129kB).

If you're 21 or over and applying for Jumpstart, or applying for lending benefits only available to tertiary students, you must be enrolled at and provide proof of full time study at a government recognised tertiary institution or a NZQA approved language school. When applying for lending benefits you must have a minimum of 6 months remaining on your course. International students are only eligible to apply for an ANZ Credit Card.

Must be 7 years or over and have parental permission to apply for an EFTPOS card.


Must be 13 years or over to apply for an ANZ Visa Debit card.


To earn Premium interest you need to make no withdrawals and deposit $20 or more (not including credit interest) on or before the last business day of the month.


Manual transactions include transactions handled by our staff for you, including at a branch, by phone, or online. 


Automated transactions include EFTPOS, Visa Debit, ATM, and mobile wallet transactions, as well as all electronic payments and other transactions made using ANZ Internet Banking, goMoney, and Phone Banking. EFTPOS, Visa Debit, ATM and mobile wallet transactions not permitted on the ANZ Serious Saver account.


The Visa Debit annual card fee will be waived if the card is linked to an ANZ Freedom or ANZ Jumpstart account. It will also be waived for the first 12 months for a new card linked to an ANZ Go account (after 12 months you will be charged an annual card fee of $10). For all other accounts you will be charged an annual card fee of $10.


Registration is required for ANZ goMoney, ANZ Internet Banking and ANZ Phone Banking. Telephone, mobile operator and internet service provider charges may apply to these services. Eligibility criteria and terms and conditions apply.