Reducing fees and interest costs

Read on for some easy ways to manage your overdraft and make repayments, so you can avoid paying more than you need to.

Avoid unarranged overdrafts

An unarranged overdraft is when you go over your arranged overdraft limit. You can also go into unarranged overdraft if you don’t have an overdraft limit and your account balance goes below $0. 

If you go into unarranged overdraft, you'll be charged higher fees and interest than on an arranged overdraft. So it's a good idea to keep an eye on it. If you think you might go into unarranged overdraft, give us a call on 0800 269 296. We can talk about setting up or extending your overdraft limit. 

Here’s what you could be charged if you go into unarranged overdraft.

Unarranged overdraft fee

You may be charged an unarranged overdraft fee of $3 if you exceed your approved limit, or if your account becomes overdrawn by more than $10 for more than one day. This fee is charged on the last business day of the month. 

Interest on unarranged overdrafts

You’ll be charged a higher interest rate on any amount you've spent over your overdraft limit, or where you available balance goes below $0. Read more about our excess interest rate on our overdrafts page.

Keeping track of your balance

We’ve got a few easy ways to help you keep an eye on your overdraft and make repayments.

The ANZ goMoney mobile app lets you check your balance on the go, wherever you (and your device) are.

You can access ANZ Internet Banking from your home computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Set up balance alerts to get a message if your available balance drops below a certain amount. You can set up an alert in goMoney or Internet Banking. Talk to us about how to do this, or use our guides:

Remember, your balance is the amount of money in your account. Your available balance includes any upcoming payments – for example, when you use your ANZ Visa Debit or EFTPOS card to buy something and the amount isn’t showing up yet on your statement. 

We're here to help

Things don’t always go to plan, and circumstances can change. Make sure you call us as soon as possible if things get tough – we have options that could help you stay on track. 

Important information

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