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ANZ goMoney

With ANZ goMoney smartphone app you’ve got your finances at your fingertips wherever you are - on the bus, at the beach or in the backyard.


Notifications are here

You can now set up deposit alerts for any amount you'd like to be notified about going into your account. 

Keep an eye out for more types of notifications coming soon. 



Keep on top of your finances by setting up alerts for selected accounts.


Manage your money anywhere, anytime.

Make payments via mobile number

Send money to anyone with a NZ bank account using their mobile number - they’ll even receive a confirmation text. Learn more about Pay to Mobile

Fraud monitoring.

Our sophisticated fraud monitoring systems identify potentially fraudulent activity so we can take action to prevent it and keep you safe.

Bank on the go

Check your balance on the go

With Quick Balance you can see how much is in your account without even having to log into ANZ goMoney – no more missing out on bargains or embarrassing scenes at the checkout.

Payment via mobile number

Pay to Mobile makes it easy to send money to friends, family or anyone else using their mobile phone number.

Set up & change your card PINs

Now there’s no need to visit a branch to set or change your PIN – you can do it via ANZ goMoney instead.

Safe and secure

ANZ Secure is our commitment to helping protect you when you bank with us. It’s an approach based on three pillars:

  • Protect - protecting you with multiple layers of security.
  • Monitor - monitoring your banking 24/7 for potential threats.
  • Act - acting when needed.  

The commitment also involves working together, as there are also things you can do to help keep yourself safe. You can read about some of the ways we help keep your banking secure below. For more about what we do to help protect you, and what you can do to help protect yourself, visit our Banking safely section.

  • Protection against fraud. If you're a victim of fraud where someone accessed and used ANZ goMoney, Internet Banking, Phone Banking or your card without your authority, talk to us immediately and we'll look at how we can help. We'll reimburse you if you didn't act fraudulently or negligently, didn't contribute to the loss, took reasonable steps to protect your banking and complied with our Electronic Banking Conditions (PDF 129kB)
  • Your information. When using ANZ goMoney no personal, account or card information is saved on your phone or sim card – as soon as you close the app your banking information is no longer available.
  • OnlineCode and unique PIN. If you are registered for OnlineCode you will be sent an OnlineCode when you first register for ANZ goMoney or add a new device. This adds an extra layer of protection. You then choose an ANZ goMoney PIN when you first register, which is needed to log in each time you use the app.
  • Customer security. You’re protected by some of the best security and technology available to help keep your information safe.

Some things you can do to keep yourself safe:

  • Your goMoney PIN - Keep it secret, make it hard to guess, change it regularly and make it different from the PIN for your smartphone or tablet.
  • Keep your devices locked when not in use, always log off ANZ goMoney when you’re finished, keep your operating system and the goMoney app updated, and if you give away or sell your mobile device, delete ANZ goMoney first. If you have lost your device or your device has been stolen contact us immediately on 0800 269 847.
  • Keep your details safe - don’t use public WiFi to do your banking, and never respond to emails or texts asking for your banking details. Remember - we’d never ask you to divulge your PIN or password.

Get ANZ goMoney

Getting the ANZ goMoney app is easy. And don’t forget to keep your app updated, because we’re adding great new features all the time. 

You will need an Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch running iOS 10 (or above), or an Android phone or tablet running Android operating system version 5 (or above).

1. Install

Search for ANZ goMoney NZ in the Google Play Store or App Store and install.


2. Register

If you're already registered for goMoney on a different device, OR are registered for Internet Banking, simply log on using your Customer Number and password.

If you are registering for goMoney for the first time:

Open the app and complete the registration form for Internet Banking and goMoney (which includes setting up a password). You'll be given a reference number to quote when you call us to complete your registration. Once activated, you'll be able to log on by entering your Customer Number and  password, then choose a PIN. 

3. Personalise

Go to Settings to personalise your accounts with photos and nicknames, and enable Quick Balance or Widget.

Need help?

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