ANZ Floating Rate Home Loan

With an ANZ Floating Rate Home Loan, your interest rate can go up or down in line with the market. You can make extra repayments any time, with no fee – which could reduce your overall interest costs and help you repay your loan faster.

An ANZ Floating Rate Home Loan might suit you if:

  • You want the flexibility to make extra repayments or a lump sum payment at any time (e.g. if you get a bonus).

  • You’re comfortable knowing that your interest rate could fluctuate (either up or down).

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ANZ Floating Rate Home Loan at a glance

What will my interest rate be?

It depends on the interest rates at the time you take out your loan – check out our current ANZ Home Loan interest rates.

What are the fees?

What’s the maximum loan term?

30 years.

How much can I borrow?

It depends on the property's location, the property type, the home loan type and other ANZ lending criteria.

If you borrow over 80% of the property’s value, a low equity premium may apply and you’ll need to get a registered valuer's report.

How often will my repayments be?

You can choose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.

Can I make extra repayments or repay the loan early?

You can make early or extra repayments (minimum $1,000 repayment) - or repay the whole loan - at any time you like.

Can I take a holiday from my loan repayments if I need to?

You can apply to suspend your payments for up to three months every two years, at our discretion (interest will continue to accrue on the amount owed).

Home loan repayment holidays are not available for interest-only or partially drawn-down loans.

Find out more about taking a repayment holiday.

Can I split my home loan across different types of loans?

Yes, you can – find out more about the different types of mortgages.

What documents will I need to provide?

It depends on your situation – see a list of documents you may need to provide when you apply for a home loan with ANZ.

Lending criteria, terms, conditions and fees apply.

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