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Healthy homes

We’ve got ways to help you have a home that’s warmer, drier and more energy efficient.

Interest-free home loan top ups for insulation and heat pumps

Up to $5,000 for insulation and up to $5,000 for heat pumps.

With an interest-free home loan top up for 4 years you can look forward to a warmer home with lower energy costs too.

We'll walk you through the home loan top up application process and any additional information you'll need to provide to make sure it is affordable to you.

Before we can complete your application, you'll also need to provide us with a quote and an installation date from a reputable installer.

Call us to get started or to book an appointment with an ANZ Home Loan Coach

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Mr Humfreez

Learn more about Mr Humfreez, a little ram that helps you know if your home is too damp or too cold.

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ANZ Healthy Home Loan Package

With an ANZ Healthy Home Loan Package, you’ll find owning a home with a Homestar rating of 6 or higher a little more affordable, with special discounts on home loan interest rates and other great benefits.

You can apply for the Healthy Home Loan Package if you’re buying, building, renovating, or already own a home to a 6 Homestar rating or higher. You also need to have your full salary or wages credited to an ANZ personal banking account.

Package benefits

ANZ home loans

Save with interest rate discounts

  • Fixed rate: 0.70% p.a. discount (applied to new fixed-rate periods only)
  • Floating rate: 1.00% p.a. discount
  • Flexible rate: 1.00% p.a. discount

Discounts are off our standard interest rates and don’t apply to bridging (tideover) finance

Fee savings

  • No application fee, if you ask at application
  • No Monthly Account fee on an ANZ Flexible Home Loan

ANZ Freedom account

Transaction and non-standard fees may apply.

ANZ personal credit card

  • No Annual fee (including additional card fee) on an ANZ personal credit card

Transaction and non-standard fees may apply.

Call us to get started or to book an appointment with an ANZ Home Loan Coach

Call 0800 269 4663

Healthy home tips

Here are some simple tips for making your home warmer, drier and healthier.

Staying warm

  • Mind the gaps: Gaps around windows and doors can let cold air and moisture in – and let heat out. Consider buying or making draught stoppers to cover any gaps. 
  • Draw the curtain on heat loss: Stop heat escaping through windows by insulating them with good curtains. You’ll get the best results if your curtains have a double layer, are flush to the wall on both sides and touch the ground, or hang on closed curtain tracks.
  • Let the sunshine in: Sunshine is a free heat source, so open your curtains or blinds fully during the day. Make sure you close them as it gets cold or dark  to keep that heat in.
  • Pump it up: If you can, heat your home regularly through winter to keep it warmer and drier. Heat pumps are the best, most efficient heating option. 

Staying dry

  • Open wide: It may seem counter-productive, but opening your windows (and doors) wide for half an hour a day lets moist air out and fresh, dry air in. That makes it easier to heat your home - and helps stop mould forming. 
  • Keep a lid on it: When you’re cooking, put lids on pots and pans to avoid steam escaping.
  • Hit the fan: Your home should have extractor fans in bathrooms and cooking areas – make sure you use them to get steam and moist air out of your home. 
  • Get out more: Drying your washing outside not only saves you money, it also keeps your home drier - one load of washing can release several litres of water into the air. If you do use a dryer, make sure it’s ventilated to the outside.
  • Go with the flow: Clear your gutters or spouting regularly to ensure water flows away from your property – not into it. 
  • Wipe it away: If you have condensation on your windows or walls, wipe it up with a towel or cloth.
  • Put the acid on mould: If you have mould, stop it spreading by cleaning it thoroughly using soap and water, vinegar (ensuring to clean the vinegar off well afterwards), or methylated spirits.

Want to find out how warm, safe and dry your home is? Complete a free online HomeFit property check.


Healthy Homes webinar

In our Healthy Homes webinar, you’ll hear about:

  • How ANZ could help you into a healthier home
  • The different types of insulation and heat pumps, and how your family could benefit
  • What a Homestar rating of 6 or more means and the benefits for homeowners.

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HomeFit is a straightforward way to check if a home is warm, safe and dry. You can use it to check a home you’re looking to buy or rent, or if you want to know how you can improve your current home. It starts with a simple online check.

HomeFit was developed by the New Zealand Green Building Council and is proudly supported by ANZ.

Check a property

Interest-Free Home Loan Top Ups: This offer is available for a limited time only. ANZ’s lending and security criteria, terms, conditions, and fees apply. An interest-free top up of up to $5,000 for each residential property that secures your home loan is available, with a maximum of four interest-free loans per customer (two per security, up to two securities). Loans must be fully repaid within four years and ANZ will not extend the loan unless there is unforeseen hardship. ANZ will only draw down the loan when you provide a quote and a confirmed installation date from a reputable installer. While ANZ wants you to be warm and cosy, we do not accept responsibility for the quality of the insulation/heat pumps or installation, so please take care selecting your insulation/heat pumps and installer.

ANZ Healthy Home Loan Package: Account eligibility, lending criteria, terms, conditions, fees, and exclusions apply. ANZ Healthy Homes Loan Package Terms and Conditions (PDF 728kB).

Interest rates and fees are subject to change.

A copy of the Bank's General Disclosure Statement  under the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 1989 is available on this website or on request from any ANZ branch, free of charge.

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