Contribute more for a better retirement

Case study

James is 30 years old, earns $50,000 a year (before tax), and is in our Lifetimes option. Here’s what his total savings could look like under different contribution options when he’s 65.

The x-axis (horizontal) labels shows age starting at 30 and ending at 65. The y-axis (vertical) shows amounts starting at $0 and ending at $800,000. Five lines are labelled with the contribution rates of 10%, 8%, 6%, 4%, and 3% begin at the age marked 30 and $0 on the y-axis. All lines trend in a curve upwards and peak at age 65 with the end of each line at the amounts:
  • $732,000 for the line with the 10% contribution rate ($366,000 when adjusted for inflation).
  • $618,000 for the line with the 8% contribution rate ($309,000 when adjusted for inflation).
  • $503,000 for the line with the 6% contribution rate ($252,000 when adjusted for inflation).
  • $389,000 for the line with the 4% contribution rate ($194,000 when adjusted for inflation).
  • $332,000 for the line with the 3% contribution rate ($166,000 when adjusted for inflation).

*Refer to the bottom of this page for background information and numbers used in this case study.

You’re likely to live for a long time in retirement

The typical New Zealander is likely to be retired for at least 20 years.

Retiring at 65 and living on New Zealand Superannuation may not provide you with money for the little extras that can make life more pleasant, or for unexpected expenses or emergencies.

Currently, a single retired person receives New Zealand Superannuation of about $26,400 a year (before tax).

Married or de facto couples receive about $40,100 a year (before tax). That works out to be about $20,050 per person (before tax).

Saving with KiwiSaver can help you enjoy your retirement

To get the most out of your retirement, you’ll probably need savings to add to your New Zealand Superannuation. Starting now and keeping up your contributions can help you achieve the retirement lifestyle you want.

We recommend you talk to one of our ANZ Investment Advisers about the investment options available to you.

Case study assumptions

This case study is an example to help you understand how your choices can affect your KiwiSaver savings. The figures used are for illustration only and may not reflect actual returns. The underlying return, tax and inflation assumptions are set by the Government.

The figures in this case study:

  • Show projected savings, both:
    -    where they haven’t been adjusted for the effect of rising prices over time (that is, inflation), in which case the amount does not reflect the ‘real’ buying power in the future
    -    where they have been adjusted for inflation of 2% per year to show the ‘real’ buying power of the savings in the future
  • Assume employer contributions are 3% of the stated before-tax salary, where applicable
  • Apply Government contributions appropriate to the contributions made and at today’s levels only
  • Assume salaries will increase by 3.5% each year, where applicable
  • Assume positive investment performance in our funds each year of:

           -   Conservative Fund: 2.5%
           -   Conservative Balanced Fund: 3.5%
           -   Balanced Fund: 3.5%
           -   Balanced Growth Fund: 4.5%
           -  Growth Fund: 4.5%

  • Show the investment performance figures:
    -  after fees, the fees used are an industry average for your fund type that may not reflect our fees, and
    -  after tax, using a prescribed investor rate of 28%
  • Generally round savings to the nearest $1,000
  • Account for tax on employer contributions, where applicable
  • Assume the member has a date of birth of 1 July, with projected savings calculated in July.

Important information

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