Your Private Banker can help provide tailored lending solutions, which may include overdraft facilities, credit cards and home loans, as well as more complex offerings such as bank guarantees.

Residential/investment property loans

Whether adding to your personal or professional property portfolio, restructuring your existing loans or financing a new venture using the equity in your existing properties, your Private Banker will work with you to identify and arrange the most appropriate funding solution.

Bank guarantees

We can provide you with an ANZ guarantee supporting your commitments to a third party in certain circumstances, such as deposits for future-dated property transactions. This may, for example, allow you to avoid making a substantial cash deposit when entering into a contract thereby maintaining liquidity within your business.

Term loans

Term lending solutions are readily available for capital or investment purposes.

Commercial property loans

Both fixed and variable rate loans are available to buy or refinance your commercial property.


An overdraft is ideal for those occasions when you need immediate access to additional funds.

Personal loans

A personal loan is an effective way to finance your other borrowing requirements. You can also choose to consolidate debt into a single ANZ Personal Loan, with one interest rate and a single payment amount.