Balance transfers

A balance transfer moves the outstanding balance from your non-ANZ credit or store card to an ANZ credit card.

Balance transfer with ANZ

2-year balance transfer rate

Rate is unavailable


  • The balance transfer interest rate only applies to the balance you’re transferring from a non-ANZ credit or store card to your ANZ credit card. 
  • For all other purchases or cash advances, the standard interest rates for that card applies.
  • At the end of the balance transfer period, the standard purchase interest rate for your ANZ credit card applies to any remaining balance transferred.

ANZ Low Rate Visa

Transferring your balance to an ANZ Low Rate Visa could help you save on interest and fees:

  • At the end of the balance transfer period (our current offer has a special balance transfer rate for two years), the purchase interest rate for your ANZ Low Rate Visa, currently  will apply to any remaining balance transferred.
  • No annual card fee.

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How a balance transfer works

Cards you can transfer a balance from

  • Visa or Mastercard cards provided by ASB, Bank Direct, BNZ, KiwiBank, TSB or Westpac.
  • American Express (excluding Air New Zealand AMEX).
  • GE CreditLine (GEM).
  • Q Card.
  • Farmers Card.

How much you can transfer

  • The minimum amount you can transfer is $100.
  • You can balance transfer any amount above the minimum as long as the balance transfer does not cause you to exceed 95% of the approved credit limit on your ANZ credit card. This allows a buffer to cover any fees you may incur (e.g. a late payment or cash advance fee) or interest charges.

Repayment allocation – balance transfer amount vs new purchases

When you make a repayment to your ANZ card, it will generally be applied to the transferred balance before any purchase or cash advance. 

This means that until your transferred balance is paid off in full, you won’t get any interest-free days on new purchases.

If you have an existing ANZ credit card

If your current ANZ credit card is an Airpoints, CashBack or Qantas card, consider changing to an ANZ Low Rate Visa to save on fees and interest, before applying for a balance transfer. 

The balance transfer process

How new customers can apply

From overseas: +64 4 470 3142

If you don't currently bank with ANZ

You'll need to provide:

  • Valid proof of identification.
  • Mail that has been addressed to your residential addressed (within the last 90 days).
  • Your last 90 days of bank statements.

How existing customers can apply

From overseas: +64 4 470 3142

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Important information

Interest rates are subject to change. Lending criteria, terms, conditions and fees apply to all ANZ credit cards. See Rates, fees and agreements for more information.

This material is for information only. Please talk to us if you need financial advice about your situation and goals or about balance transfers. See our financial advice provider disclosure at