Importing and Exporting

Whether you’re an exporter or an importer, chances are you’ll need finance to meet your working capital requirements at some stage of your supply chain.

ANZ Trade and Supply Chain can assist with your business needs, providing Trade Finance and Supply Chain solutions that manage risk and liquidity. We have a reputation for Trade expertise and a geographical presence allowing ANZ to support global flows end-to-end which no other New Zealand bank can match.

Importer/Exporter Package

Importer/Exporter Package image

ANZ’s Importer/Exporter Package gives you access to our Trade and FX expertise without having to provide security or guarantees, all the while maintaining your current bank facilities.

ANZ Transactive Trade

Transactive Trade image

Our global trade electronic banking system “ANZ Transactive Trade” is easy to use, allowing you to create, manage and track your trade finance instruments, giving greater control and improved efficiency.

ANZ FX Online

FX Online image

With ANZ FX Online, you can enter into a range of foreign exchange transactions, settle foreign exchange transactions and make payments to and from your ANZ foreign currency accounts, through one internet channel.

ANZ credit criteria apply. Fees, charges, terms and conditions apply.