Specialised finance - rural

Your ANZ Rural Manager will be able to satisfy the majority of your financing requirements, but sometimes you may need a more complex solution that requires ‘out of the box’ thinking. This is where the ANZ Specialised Finance team’s skills come to the fore.

As part of ANZ Group’s global network, which includes 32 markets across the globe, our Specialised Finance – Rural team has access to a wealth of expertise and resources, as well as an expanded range of funding options, to provide the best solution for unique requirements.

In the rural sector, the most popular type of specialised rural finance is debt structuring and acquisition finance, which enables clients to participate in:

  • More complex ownership structures
  • Major asset or share acquisition programmes
  • Certain transactions requiring bridge financing and recapitalisation
  • Restructuring of existing arrangements
  • Inter-creditor arrangements as part of non-standard capital structures
  • Syndicated and club transactions
  • Expanded value chain initiatives e.g. independent milk processing

Find out more

To find out more about ANZ Specialised Finance – Rural services and how we can help you realise your next big opportunity, please contact one of our team below, or alternatively, contact your ANZ Rural Manager.

David Fennessy
Corporate Agri Manager

03 368 2817
027 220 5592


Scott Neeley
Corporate Agri Manager

07 837 8635
027 475 4684


Hamish Edge
Corporate Agri Manager

06 352 9116
027 247 2730


Michael Arnold
Senior Manager

03 307 6013
027 437 5847


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