Rural Sector Support

Farming continues to be the backbone of New Zealand’s economy and the key to creating wealth, which is why ANZ is committed to supporting rural businesses over the long-term. As each rural sector has its own unique characteristics and challenges, we have teams of rural specialists with in-depth knowledge and expertise in each of these different areas to help support your agribusiness.


Dairy image

ANZ supports more dairy farmers than any other bank in New Zealand. We are committed to working with key industry partners to  raise the profitability and financial resilience of the sector, and ensure long term sustainability.


Irrigation image

Irrigation provides a significant economic benefit to New Zealand, but to date, this benefit has been largely untapped. ANZ is committed to ensuring more farmers have access to both on and off-farm irrigation to ensure the ongoing success of our rural industry.

Red meat

Red meat

ANZ is a major supporter of the red meat sector and is actively involved in ensuring the long term sustainability of the industry across a number of key initiatives.