Kia hanga te ōhanga i te ao e ora ai e tupu ai

Kia hanga te ōhanga i te ao e ora ai e tupu ai - Business delivers economic empowerment

We believe that fundamental social change through the empowerment of all the people of Aotearoa New Zealand comes with economic empowerment – and business can deliver that.

Now is the time for the private sector to acknowledge that the next steps for Māori, hapū and iwi development must come in our world of free enterprise. The foundation of an equal society can also be built by enabling Māori entrepreneurism, facilitating the building and operation of more Māori-owned businesses and encouraging greater Māori participation in every business.

Business in its many forms has the power to change fast and as it evolves, to change the fabric of our society for the better.

Māori business is already on the rise. Last year, the value of the Māori economy was estimated by BERL at $70 billion and it will continue to grow. This is just the start. There is more to business success than ownership. Māori must be included more in the business world as leaders, employees and business partners. That will only happen if business commits to doing more. In 2022, ANZ New Zealand acknowledged this responsibility and committed to change through Tākiri-ā-Rangi.

We commit to make ANZ New Zealand a place where more Māori want to work, come to do business, and empower their personal financial futures.

Through this commitment, we will help empower more Māori to create the economic foundation on which they can build and gain their tino rangatiratanga.