Ngā tukutuku te pae tawhiti

Ngā tukutuku te pae tawhiti - Our goals

Ngā Tukutuku Te Pae Tawhiti are the woven panels that adorn Tākiri-ā-Nuku. Tukutuku panels tell the history, the stories of aspiration, the whakapapa and korero of their people. Two or more people weave the tukutuku panel, following a known set of patterns. Weavers take pride to perfect the patterns on both sides of the tukutuku panel. Tukutuku panels last for generations and the story is passed down from generation to generation.

The tukutuku panels in Tākiri-ā-Nuku tell the story of ANZ New Zealand from 2022 to 2040.

1 Ngā Tau Tuatahi (by 2024) 
Kia Hanga i Te Whare; Build a culturally-strong ANZ NZ Whare

We will have:

  • Created and started implementing cultural competency training for staff;
  • Created and started implementing a basic Te Reo Māori programme for staff; and
  • Changed our processes to recruit, retain and advance more Māori staff.

2 Ngā Tau Tuarua (by 2026)
Ngā Tupua; Transform How We Present Our Whare to Aotearoa

We will have:

  • Reviewed our corporate imagery to incorporate some Te Ao Māori concepts; and
  • Created ANZ NZ documents and materials in Te Reo Māori.

3 Ngā Tau Tuatoru (by 2029)
Kokiri Tahi; Make Our Whare Welcoming to Iwi, Hapū and Māori customers

We will have:

  • Formalised regular interactions with iwi leaders at a rangatira level;
  • Changed our risk appetite and lending policies to enable collectively-owned Māori land to be better used and leveraged for housing and commercial purposes;
  • Partnered with others to create innovative programmes to increase Māori home ownership;
  • Created a programme tailored to encourage more iwi and Māori into funds management and KiwiSaver; and
  • Created and implemented a financial literacy programme tailored for Māori customers.

4 Ngā Tau Tuawhā (by 2033)
Ka Tau Te Marea; Make Our Whare the Place to Grow the Nation

We will have:

  • Created programmes to introduce Māori and non-Māori suppliers and producers to each other;
  • Partnered with others to encourage more Māori into business;
  • Created programmes to help Māori improve their agri holdings and returns; and
  • Created regular hui for facilitating ideas and capital to grow the Māori and, therefore, New Zealand’s economy.

5 Ngā Tau Tuarima (by 2035)
Ki Te Ao; Have the World Gather in Our Whare

We will have:

  • Taken iwi to the markets of the world; and
  • Created programmes to introduce global opportunities to iwi.

6 Ngā Tau Tuaono (by 2037)
He Kete Aroha; Make our Whare a Knowledge Kete

We will have:

  • Created Aotearoa’s most comprehensive data base of Māori economic activity that is used for the benefit of Māori, our customers and our shareholders.

7 Ngā Tau Tuawhitu (by 2040)
Te Taurangi; Make Sure Our Whare is Fit for Purpose

We will have:

  • Reviewed Tākiri-a-Rangi; and
  • Reset ANZ NZ’s Te Ao Māori strategy.