Ā tātou manawanui mō te āpōpō

Ā tātou manawanui mō te āpōpō - Our commitment to a better future

Tākiri-ā-Rangi is ANZ New Zealand’s commitment to work for a better future for Māori. We will support Māori to build their own path to a better future through economic equality achieved by Māori, as Māori.

We see Tākiri-ā-Rangi as reinforcing and building on a wider cultural evolution that has been occurring for a generation in Aotearoa New Zealand. Pākehā are acknowledging that the starting point for tackling inequities throughout our society is accepting that Te Ao Māori, the Māori way of seeing the world, is equal and as relevant as the Pākehā worldview.

Until now, most of the positive actions to acknowledge and address Māori-Pākehā inequities have been led by governments and the public sector. Te Ao Māori has been embedded into many of our institutions – in education, health, criminal justice, resource management and governance systems.

We acknowledge this foundation that has been laid, but we also note that changes within the institutions of the state are only the start of a much longer process of economic empowerment for Māori. It’s a process in which the private sector must start playing its part.

Now is the time for the private sector to acknowledge that the next great steps for Māori must come from our world – free enterprise, entrepreneurism and the building and operation of businesses.