Four digital habits to help you save

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Savings tips inspired by the good old days of cash. 

We’re creatures of habit us humans. These habits can be good or bad, and for a lot of us, hard to change. 

That said, being open to new ways of doing things could lead to better outcomes. This includes our approach to money and how we save. Even small, regular savings habits can make a big difference over time. Especially if you’re up for swapping some traditional ways to save for these rather clever digital methods.

The $5 savings hack

Cash aficionados have tricks up their sleeves, one of which is to save every $5 note they come across. It’s a small enough amount for you not to notice at the time, but eventually all those fivers can soon add up. You can take inspiration in a more digital world by rounding up your online spending and popping the spare change in your savings account. Or, try matching every purchase below $5 with a quick deposit into your savings account. Of course, if you do find yourself with an actual $5 note, and you’re an ANZ customer, you could simply deposit it into your ANZ account at any ANZ Smart ATM.

A spending allowance 

It’s easier to stick to a spending goal when your budget is the cash in your pocket. Once you run out of physical dollars, that’s your shopping spree done. So, if you feel prone to over-spending, or tend to lose track of your goals when paying with your card; consider a weekly ‘date’ with a spreadsheet to help you rein things in. Another trick is to add notifications, if you’re an ANZ customer you can do this through the ANZ goMoney app to receive an alert when your balance goes below a certain level, so you can be sure you’re not eating into your planned savings.

Keep track

One of the benefits of cashless digital banking, is that you can check your balances and access statements anywhere, anytime. It makes it a lot easier for you to see what’s going in and what’s coming out, which could help keep your savings on course. In fact, if you have your KiwiSaver savings or an investment fund with us, you can check how it’s tracking in our digital banking tools too. 

Jump on board the digital train if you haven’t already. Your savings will thank you for adopting good online money habits. 

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