ATMs and Smart ATMs

Access your accounts, withdraw cash, and make deposits, using ANZ ATMs and Smart ATMs.

Get cash 24/7

Key features

Other helpful features

With ANZ ATMs you can also:

  • Move money between the accounts linked to your card.
  • Transfer funds to pay your credit card bill.
  • Print a mini-statement of the last 10 transactions from the Cheque or Savings accounts linked to your card.

At ANZ Smart ATMs, you can also deposit cash into another customer's ANZ account.

ATM deposit processing times

Cash deposits

Cash (notes only) deposits are cleared funds once processed. Cash deposited at Smart ATMs before 7:30pm on a business day is processed at the end of the day. Cash deposited after 7:30pm or on a non-business day, is processed at the end of the next business day. See ANZ General Terms and Conditions (PDF 116KB) for more information.

If you choose to print a receipt, the breakdown of the number of each type of note deposited will be displayed.

How-to guide and video

We’re making using ANZ Smart ATMs easier with our step-by-step printable guide. Learn how to:

  • Find your nearest Smart ATM 
  • Deposit cash (notes only) into your ANZ accounts, and accounts of other ANZ customers 
  • Withdraw cash when you need it 
  • Check your balance 
  • Move money between your accounts 
  • Print a mini-statement.

Daily deposit limits

Daily limits apply to Smart ATM deposits which are made to accounts not linked to the depositor’s card. If these limits are exceeded, you’ll need to arrange an alternative payment method, try the following day, or come into a branch to make your deposit. 


Securely access your ANZ accounts using your card PIN, ensuring it’s always covered with your hand.

All ATM screens are designed so it’s hard for people to see the information from side on, helping to keep your personal details private.

There is also advance anti-card skimming technology built into all ATMs, which makes it harder for fraudsters to install skimming devices to capture personal information like card numbers.

How to bank safely

We’re committed to keeping you and your banking safe, and you have a role to play too. Working together, we can keep you even safer. However you choose to bank, find out how to keep safe.

Accessible banking

We’re working hard to make our banking products and services accessible and available to all New Zealanders, regardless of ability.