When it comes to saving, teamwork makes the dream work

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Superpower your savings as a couple and watch your savings grow. 


You’ve met your match, the love of your life ... and potentially the holder of your joint bank account details. 

One of the great things about saving with a significant other is that you’re not going it alone. With a partner by your side, you might have double the income, but even if you don’t, you’ll have twice the skills, resilience and capacity to max your savings. 

So, whether you’ve just started sharing your expenses, or you’re already well on your way, check out these great tips to help you and your other half hit your savings goals.

One roof equals a savings boost

No pressure, we know moving in together is a big decision. But if it’s on the cards, you’ll be pleased to know that the ability to combine your bills or rent, could really help you save even more and move you closer to achieving your financial dreams. 

Discuss your future plans 

Okay you two, brew yourselves a cuppa. Then sit down and have an honest conversation about your savings goals. Do you want to buy a home? Maybe you want to get more serious about how you invest your savings? Whatever your aspirations, you need a plan. Make a list of your incomings vs outgoings, then look at what you can tweak to cut your spending and increase your savings. That way you can get where you both want sooner. Fancy a biscuit with that? 

How to keep each other honest

It’s a lot easier staying on track when you both have eyes on the savings prize. A simple trick you could use to keep one another accountable is to use a joint account where you can both see what each other is buying. Yes, you might get questioned occasionally, but will you really mind if it means you stick to your goals? 

The price of love

We know the importance of a regular date night, but they don’t need to derail your savings schedule. Try a romantic rendezvous that won’t break your budget, like a picnic, or cooking your partner an extra special dinner. You’re also on dishes by the way! The saying might be divide and conquer, but when it comes to couples, we reckon it’s combine and conquer for the savings win. 

Important information

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