How we process loan repayments

The way we process loan repayments

Previously, if your loan repayment fell on a weekend or public holiday, your repayment would be processed on the next business day.

Since 12 August 2022, loan repayments are now taken on the day they are due, whether that’s a weekday, weekend or public holiday.

This change only applies to personal loans and home loans. 

If you also have a business loan

Repayments for business loans are not impacted by this change and will continue to be processed the next business day.

For example, if you have a home loan and a business loan, and both loan repayments are due on the 20th of each month, when this falls on a Saturday the:

  • Home loan repayment will be processed at midnight on Saturday
  • Business loan repayment will be deducted on the next business day (i.e. Monday).

If there isn’t enough money in your account

We’ll always process your loan repayments on the day they are due.

If there isn't enough money in your account when we try to make a loan repayment, it will still be deducted, which will overdraw your account – a fee and interest may also apply. 

How you can avoid being overdrawn

Make sure there is enough money in your account before the due date of any loan repayments.

This could be simply transferring money from another account before the payment due date or changing your Principal and Interest loan repayment date by a few days.

When to consider changing your Principal and Interest loan repayment date

If your Principal and Interest loan repayments are in line with when you receive your wages or the same day your salary is paid, you may want to consider changing your repayment date by 1-2 days to ensure your wages or salary is received before the repayment is deducted from your account.

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