Pay to Mobile

Pay to Mobile is great if you are looking for:



Need to pay someone and have their mobile number, but don’t have their bank account number



Like the convenience of paying with your mobile phone

Take the hassle out of paying

Now there’s an easier way to split the bill at restaurants or pay back that $20 you borrowed from a mate. With Pay to Mobile you can send money to friends, family or anyone else, quickly and easily using their mobile phone number. The money will go into their chosen bank account.

Pay to Mobile is just one of the great features of ANZ goMoney – New Zealand’s favourite banking app. Learn more about ANZ goMoney or download the app now. Read on to find out how Pay to Mobile takes the hassle out of paying.

Making payments

First, log in to ANZ goMoney on your smartphone and select Payments > Pay to Mobile.

1   Send To

Select from your phone’s contact list or enter the mobile number of the person you want to pay.

2   Amount

Enter the payment amount.

3   Your Name

Enter your name so the recipient knows who it’s from.

4   Message

You can add a message to the recipient e.g. Thanks for lunch.

5   Pay

Check your payment details and select Pay.

6   Receipt

If the recipient doesn't have ANZ goMoney, the person you are paying will receive a text message advising they’ve been sent a mobile payment to be collected and the steps they need to follow to collect it.

Remember: the money won’t be transferred to their mobile account, it will go into their chosen bank account.

Making payments

Receiving payments

If the recipient also has ANZ goMoney mobile app, we’ll send the payment to their ANZ account straight away, and send them a text to let them know.

If the recipient is a non-ANZ customer or doesn’t have the ANZ goMoney mobile app, we’ll send them a text to let them know you’ve sent them a payment, and a link to our payment collection website. Once they’ve entered their mobile number, payment amount, name, account number and OnlineCode (this is a secure one-off OnlineCode that will be sent to the person's mobile once they've entered the mobile number and amount of the payment), we’ll send the money to their account. If the payment isn’t collected within seven days it will simply be returned to your account.

Help and support

pen  Important information

Eligibility criteria and terms and conditions apply to ANZ goMoney. Terms and Conditions apply to Pay to Mobile. See our Electronic Banking Conditions (PDF 108kB) for more information.

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