Pay to Mobile

Use ANZ goMoney to pay another ANZ customer who is registered for Pay to Mobile using just their mobile phone number.


ANZ goMoney

Register for Pay to Mobile

First, log into goMoney and select Payments, then Pay to Mobile.

  1. Enter your mobile number to get an activation code, select Continue.
  2. Once you’ve got the activation code, enter it and select Continue.
  3. Select the account you want your Pay to Mobile payment to go into, and select Continue.
  4. You’re now registered for Pay to Mobile.

Making payments

First, log in to goMoney and select Payments, then Pay to Mobile.

1. Send to

Select the mobile number from your phone’s contact list, or enter the mobile number of the person you want to pay.

2. Amount

Enter the payment amount.

3. Your name

Enter your name so the person knows who the payment is from.

4. Message

You can add a message so the person knows what the payment is for e.g. Thanks for lunch.

5. Pay

Check the payment details and select Pay.

6. Receipt

If the person you’re paying is registered for Pay to Mobile, we’ll send the payment to their nominated Pay to Mobile bank account straight away, and send them a text to let them know.

If the person you’re paying isn’t registered for Pay to Mobile, you’ll get a ‘Payment failed’ message.

Remember: the money won’t be transferred to their mobile phone account, it will go into their nominated Pay to Mobile bank account.

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Important information

Our eligibility criteria apply. Fees are subject to change. Non-standard fees may apply. Please use the following links for full details of our Terms and Conditions, Fees and Charges (PDF 166kB), ANZ EFTPOS Card and ANZ Visa Debit Card Conditions of Use (PDF 103kB), Electronic Banking Conditions (PDF 138kB) and ANZ Credit Card Conditions of Use (PDF 323kB).

Eligibility criteria and terms and conditions apply to ANZ Internet Banking, ANZ goMoney, ANZ Phone Banking and Pay to Mobile. See our Electronic Banking Conditions (PDF 138KB) for more information.

Mobile phone network or internet provider charges, such as data fees may apply, depending on your provider.