Manage your loan

Things change – and your ANZ Personal Loan can change along with them. At ANZ, we make it easy to stay on top of your loan.

Stay on top of your loan

Check your loan balance

Check your loan balance online anytime using ANZ goMoney or Internet Banking

Change your repayment amount and frequency

Change the amount you pay in your regular repayments and/or how often you make them – (weekly, fortnightly or monthly), for no fee – just call us or visit any branch. 

Top up your personal loan

You can apply to increase your current ANZ Personal Loan by calling us or by visiting any branch.  There’s no application fee.

Pay your loan off early

Contact us to repay some or all of your loan whenever you want for no fee.

Need a bit extra?

If you need to top up your loan, use this calculator to work out what your new repayments might be.

Having trouble making your repayments?

We understand that things don’t always go to plan, and circumstances can change. Find out how we can help if you’re experiencing financial difficulty.

How to apply

From overseas: +64 4 470 3142

Important information

ANZ lending criteria, terms and conditions apply. Interest rates and fees are subject to change.  

The ANZ Personal Loan interest rate is currently 12.90% p.a. (but can change) and you can pay these loans off between six months and seven years. For example if you borrowed $5,000 for two years at 12.90% p.a., the total interest would be about $699.

This material is for information purposes only. We recommend seeking financial advice about your situation and goals before getting a financial product. To talk to one of our team at ANZ, please call 0800 269 296, or for more information about ANZ’s financial advice service or to view our financial advice provider disclosure statement see