Pay people and bills

Electronic payments are payments you make online using ANZ goMoney, ANZ Internet Banking, or ANZ Phone Banking, or payments we make for you electronically. 

Electronic payments provide a fast, secure and convenient way to pay people and bills.

Types of electronic payments

Funds transfer

One-off, same-day or future-dated transfers of money between your ANZ accounts, like transfers between your everyday transactional and savings accounts.

Bill payments

One-off, same-day or future-dated payments for a set amount to a particular person or organisation, like paying an electrician invoice. You can also use bill payments to make payments to your ANZ accounts or to any accounts you may have at another bank.

Automatic payments

Scheduled payments (e.g. weekly, fortnightly, monthly) for a set amount to a particular person or organisation, like paying your rent. You can also use automatic payments to pay yourself, like a regular deposit into your savings account each pay day.

Direct debits

Regular payments that you’ve agreed to for ongoing services, such as power, a gym, or insurance. Direct debits allow a person or organisation you’re paying, called the ‘initiator’, to take money directly from your account. The amount can vary each time.

Pay to Mobile payments

A feature of the ANZ goMoney mobile app that allows you to make a payment to another ANZ customer who is registered for Pay to Mobile using just their mobile phone number.

ANZ Payment Requests

One-off payments from your bank account to a merchant, store or business using your mobile number and the ANZ goMoney app.

Retrieving payments made in error

Take extra care when entering payment details. Pause to think if you could be caught up in a scam. Double check the amount and the account number before confirming a payment. 

For payments within New Zealand, the account name entered isn’t checked that it matches with the account number. 

If you make a mistake: 

  • If you know the person or company you’ve paid (e.g. you’ve paid the wrong electrician), it’s best to contact them yourself and ask them to return the money.
  • If you don’t know who you’ve sent money to (e.g. you’ve entered the wrong account number), call us immediately on 0800 269 296. We may be able to help by contacting the other bank or the other ANZ customer you’ve paid. The account owner needs to agree to return the money, and a credit retrieval fee of $25 may apply even if unsuccessful.

We can’t stop a payment if you make a mistake, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get the money back. We’re not required to get involved in disputes between you and anyone receiving your payment but will help if we can.

Avoid becoming overdrawn

To avoid your account becoming overdrawn (and incurring unnecessary fees) it’s a good idea to set up electronic payments to come out a day or two after pay day – not the same day as you get paid. See Payment processing times for more information.

How-to guides and videos

We’re making digital banking easier with our step-by-step printable guides for the ANZ goMoney mobile app, ANZ Internet Banking and ANZ Phone Banking. We also have a range of video guides for Internet Banking. Learn how to:

  • Pay a person or bill
  • Transfer money between your ANZ accounts
  • Set up and manage automatic payments
  • View and download account and tax statements
  • Manage your personal debit and credit cards, including setting a PIN, placing a temporary block, and ordering a replacement card.

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Eligibility criteria, terms, conditions and fees (including non-standard fees) apply. Fees are subject to change. Please use the following links for full details of our Terms and Conditions, Fees and Charges (PDF 166KB), ANZ EFTPOS Card and ANZ Visa Debit Card Conditions of Use (PDF 103KB), Electronic Banking Conditions (PDF 138KB) and ANZ Credit Card Conditions of Use (PDF 323KB).