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Whether you're saving for your future or you have a special goal in mind, we've got an account to suit you.

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ANZ Serious Saver account

Earn Premium interest and your savings could grow more.

% p.a. Total interest rate

% p.a. Standard interest plus
% p.a. Premium interest

  • Allows you to build your savings over time.
  • Earn Premium interest if you make no withdrawals and deposit $20 or more (not including credit interest) on or before the last business day of the month.
  • Allows access to your savings if you need to and still earn Standard interest (one free withdrawal per month).

ANZ Online account

Savings with online access anytime.

% p.a. Interest rate

  • Allows you to dip into your savings from time-to-time.
  • Simple and easy to manage with ANZ Internet Banking and goMoney app.
  • Free automated withdrawals (e.g. ANZ Internet Banking, or goMoney).
  • Earn interest on every dollar in your account. 
  • No monthly minimum deposit.

ANZ Term Deposits

An investment with a fixed return.

% p.a. Interest rate - 240 days (approximately 8 months)

  • Requires you to have $10,000 or more to invest. 
  • You choose how long to invest, from 30 days to five years. 
  • No surprises – you know exactly what your return will be. 

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Our eligibility criteria apply. Fees and interest rates are subject to change. Non-standard fees may apply. Please use the following links for full details of our Terms and ConditionsFees and Charges (PDF 166KB)ANZ EFTPOS Card and ANZ Visa Debit Card Conditions of Use (PDF 103KB), and ANZ Electronic Banking Conditions (PDF 138KB).

Our financial advice provider statement has some important information you should know about ANZ and our financial advice services. Please take the time to read it.