How can ANZ Investment Funds help?

If you receive an inheritance, want to put some money towards your grandchild's education or just want to complement your KiwiSaver savings, an ANZ Investment Fund can help you achieve your investment goals.

Read our case studies below to see how.

George (52) and Karen (51) own a vineyard in the Hawke's Bay. They’ve worked hard over the past 30 years and managed to save a nest egg of $500,000. They want to continue building that sum while they’re still working.

On top of their lump sum, they can afford to invest a further $2,000 each month until they’re ready to retire – probably when George turns 65. So they’re looking for an investment that offers both flexibility and moderate risk. 

Karen and George are drawn to the funds for several reasons. They like the wide range of assets within the funds. They also like the discipline of contributing regularly, and the flexibility to add a lump sum investment whenever their cash flow allows. They can also make a withdrawal from the funds if they need to.

They initially invest in the Balanced Fund, but change to the Conservative Balanced Fund when George turns 61. By the time George reaches 65, their savings could have grown to $1,280,000 (or $990,000 after adjusting for inflation). Depending on their circumstances at George's retirement, they could invest in the Conservative Fund, review their regular payment amount, perhaps start a regular withdrawal, or even think about a large withdrawal for a dream holiday.

Bridget and Greg want to save some money to put towards their grandson Jack's future tertiary education. From when Jack is one year old, they plan to make regular payments of $100 a month into a Balanced Fund investment account in Jack's name.

The combination of time, regular payments and investment performance means that, by the time Jack turns 18, he would have a total of around $31,000 ($22,000 after adjusting for inflation).

Andrew is 30 years old and earns $65,000 (before tax). He contributes some of his salary to his KiwiSaver account.

All his savings from his KiwiSaver account will be locked in until he's 65. He wants to save more money for his future and flexibility is important. He wants a diversified investment that he can access at any time.

So he decides to make regular payments of 5% of his salary into the ANZ Investment Funds' Balanced Fund.

Here's what Andrew's Balanced Fund investment looks like at different ages. For comparison we also show what his investment would be if he only invested 3% of his salary into this fund.


About our case studies

The above case studies are examples to help you understand how an investment in a fund can help you achieve your investment goals. The figures used are for illustration only and may not reflect actual returns.

The figures in our case studies:

  • show projected savings both:
    • where they haven't been adjusted for the effect of rising prices over time (that is, inflation) in which case the amount does not reflect the 'real' buying power of the savings in the future
    • where they have been adjusted for inflation of 2% per year to show the 'real' buying power of the savings in the future
  • assume salaries will increase by 2.5% each year
  • assume positive investment performance each year (after charges and taxes at a prescribed investor rate of 28%) of 3.9% for the Conservative Balanced Fund and 4.6% for the Balanced Fund
  • generally round savings to the nearest $1,000
  • account for tax when appropriate
  • assume that no withdrawals are made during the course of the investment.

Important information and the investment statement(s) for the product(s) mentioned above are available under terms & conditions.