With the ANZ Investment Funds, you have flexible payment options.

Simply complete the Direct Debit Form (at the back of the ANZ Investment Funds investment statement (PDF 1.44MB)) and send it to us, or call us on 0800 736 034 (international +64 9 356 4000).

You can increase, reduce (subject to the minimum payment amount and maintaining a minimum balance of $500), or suspend your regular payments at any time by sending us a new direct debit form, or by calling us.

You can make lump sum payments by any of the following methods. Unless otherwise stated, we will usually invest your payment in your chosen fund within three business days of receiving your request.

One-off direct debit

Complete the Direct Debit Form (at the back of the ANZ Investment Funds investment statement (PDF 1.44MB)) and send it to us.


Make your cheque out to ‘The Unit Trusts Application Account’ and send it to us together with the completed Transaction Form (at the back of the ANZ Investment Funds investment statement (PDF 1.44MB)).

Online banking or phone banking

Select ‘ANZ Investments Funds’ from the Bill Payee list by searching by name or using the drop-down menu in your internet banking, or ensure the following details are provided when you make a phone banking payment.

The Unit Trusts Application Account


Note: We prefer that you also complete and send us the Transaction Form at the back of the investment statement (although this is not essential). If you make an online banking or phone payment and send us a Transaction Form, this will usually be invested within three business days.

If you don’t complete the Transaction form it is important to note:
Before we invest your money, we may need to send to you (including by email) the current investment statement and obtain an acknowledgement from you that you have received it. This means that for these payments it may take more than three business days to invest your money.

If you are invested in more than one fund, we will use the same percentage amount per fund that you chose for your last payment. If you do not want us to allocate your payment in this way, please complete the Transaction Form.

Please also include the ‘required information’ (listed below).

Required information for cheque, online banking and phone banking payments

Please include the following information in the reference fields or on the back of your cheque:

  • your surname
  • your date of birth in the following format – DDMMYYYY
  • one of:
    • your IRD number
    • your investor number

For any mail you send us, our address is:

ANZ Investments, Freepost 324, PO Box 7149, Wellesley Street, Auckland 1141.

If you bank with ANZ, it may take up to four days for your updated balance to appear in ANZ Internet Banking.

Important information and the investment statement(s) for the product(s) mentioned above are available under terms & conditions.

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