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ANZ PIE Fund - Call Option

A tax-efficient investment savings option with easy access to your investments anytime (minimum investment $500).

A tax-efficient, flexible investment option

Better after tax returns

If you have a 30% or 33% tax rate, the ANZ PIE Fund could give you a higher after tax return than an ANZ Online account because the ANZ PIE Fund has a maximum tax rate of 28%. Your return is calculated daily and paid out quarterly.

Access whenever you need

You can withdraw money from your Call Option any time you need. You can also make regular contributions to grow your investment . There are no entry, management or exit fees.

Call Option rates

Rate of return


Effective rate on income tax at 30%

0.10% p.a.

Effective return on income tax at 33%

0.11% p.a. 

Rates are subject to change. Minimum investment $500.

Effective rate: For 30% and 33% taxpayers, the ANZ PIE Fund returns are taxed at 28%. The effective rate is the annualised rate you would need to earn if taxed at your income tax rate, to achieve the same after tax return as investing in the ANZ PIE Fund with a PIR of 28%.

Tools & tips

Calculate my PIR rate

Check your PIR ('Prescribed Investor Rate') which is the tax rate that applies to any PIE product you hold (such as the ANZ PIE Fund).

Calculate my PIR

Calculate my returns

Use our long term savings calculator fo find out how your investments can grow regardless of interest fluctuations in the market.

Calculate my returns

Understanding ANZ PIE Fund tax benefits

Find out more about how the ANZ PIE Fund works and how they could boost your after tax returns.

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Saving tips

We've put together some helpful tips to help you make saving part of your daily routine.

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Find out more about ways to bank from home, financial support options and relevant updates to help get you through COVID-19. 


How to apply

Call us

0800 269 296

Weekdays 8am-8.30pm (NZDT)
Weekends 9am-5pm (NZDT)

International: +64 4 470 3142 (toll charges apply).

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Account options

ANZ PIE Fund - Term Option

An investment for a fixed rate of return for a length of term you choose and you could benefit by paying less tax.

Serious Saver

Earns Premium interest that could help grow your savings – and allows you access to your money if you need it.

A copy of the General Terms and Conditions is available from any ANZ branch.

ANZ Investment Services (New Zealand) Limited is the issuer and manager of the ANZ PIE Fund. A copy of the ANZ PIE Fund terms and conditions (PDF 218kB) is available from any ANZ branch. Investments in the ANZ PIE Fund are not deposits in or liabilities of ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited or their subsidiaries (together “ANZ Group”). Neither ANZ Group nor The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited (the "Trustee") stand behind or guarantee ANZ Investment Services (New Zealand) Limited. Investments are subject to investment risk, including possible delays in repayment, and loss of income and principal invested. Neither ANZ Group nor the Trustee will be liable to you for the capital value or performance of your investment.

This material is for information purposes only. We recommend seeking financial advice about your situation and goals before getting a financial product. To talk to one of our team at ANZ, please call 0800 269 296, or for more information about ANZ’s financial advice service or to view our financial advice provider disclosure statement see