Home loan fixed term ending

If you’re planning to re-fix your home loan, you could get more certainty by locking in a fixed rate up to 60 days before your fixed rate period ends.

A few things to consider

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You can re-fix your loan up to 60 days in advance

Fixing your interest rate may mean you can budget with confidence, knowing what your new repayments will be. 

If you’re fixing your home loan’s interest rate, you can lock in a new rate up to 60 days before your fixed rate period ends. To do so, you’ll enter what’s called a Reserve Rate Agreement. 

Entering that agreement means that the interest rate is locked in even if interest rates change before your new loan starts or before the existing fixed rate period on your loan ends.

What happens if you change your mind

Before you enter a Reserve Rate Agreement and lock in an interest rate, check it’s right for you.

You’ll get the rate you locked in, even if interest rates go down after you entered the Agreement. 

If you change your mind and want to cancel your Agreement or ask for a different interest rate or other changes to your loan, you may incur a Non-utilisation Recovery. 

A Non-utilisation Recovery is an amount you must pay us to compensate us for the loss we may incur when we’ve reserved a rate for you and you don’t use that rate, or the terms we’d agreed, or you cancel or change your Reserve Rate Agreement, including asking for a different interest rate or other changes to your loan.  

For more information about Non-utilisation Recovery and how it is charged, visit the Home loan rates, fees and agreements page.

If you don't do anything

If you don’t do anything before your fixed rate period ends, you’ll automatically switch to our floating rate. Remember, with a floating rate you can make extra repayments to pay off your home loan sooner, and can ask us for other changes to your loan without incurring a fee. Just call us on 0800 269 4663 and we’ll help you structure your loan to suit your needs.

How to re-fix or restructure your home loan

For more detailed instructions on how to re-fix a home loan rate, check out our how to guides.

Experiencing financial hardship

If you’re concerned about making your repayments, please reach out to us as soon as you can. We’re here to help – we’ll take time to understand your situation, work through your options and then discuss what they may mean for your home loan over the longer term. Call us on 0800 269 296

Our Home Loan Check In

When it comes time to re-fix your home loan, an ANZ Home Loan Coach could help you structure your home loan to suit your circumstances with a Home Loan Check In. 

It’s free, there is no obligation, and it will only take about 15 minutes. Our coaches are happy to talk to you over the phone or in person, whatever suits you.  

Is it time to review your insurance too?

We know circumstances can change. You may want to check if your sum insured is still enough to rebuild your house to the same size or specification. Or whether your level of cover is right for your current debt level to help protect you and your family. We’ve partnered with insurance specialists who can offer you a range of options to suit your needs.

Important information

ANZ lending criteria, terms, conditions, and fees apply. Interest rates and fees are subject to change.  

Our financial advice provider statement has some important information you should know about ANZ and our financial advice services. Please take the time to read it.