ANZ complaint guide

This guide explains how you can make a complaint and how we’ll try to resolve it to your satisfaction. It also outlines how to contact the Banking Ombudsman Scheme.

Making a complaint

We strive to deliver excellent products and services to our customers here in New Zealand, but if we get things wrong, we want to hear from you.

We are committed to working with you to understand what’s happened and to try to resolve your complaint promptly.

We promise to listen to you and do our best to find a solution that is fair and reasonable.

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Our commitment to you

  • We will provide a complaint resolution process that is free and fair to use.
  • We will be clear and respectful and use 'plain English' language in our communications with you.
  • We will provide information about our complaint resolution process, the timeframes that apply and the progress of your complaint.
  • We will listen carefully, review the information you provide us and work with you to explore different options for resolving your complaint.
  • We will try to resolve your complaint at the time you raise it with us. If we can't resolve your complaint promptly, we will explain why.
  • We will aim to resolve your complaint in no more than 5 working days. If we need more time we will let you know.
  • If we cannot resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, we will explain why we’ve formed our view, the information we relied on to reach our decision and how to contact the Banking Ombudsman Scheme.
  • We will provide you with all information the law requires us to.

If you need help making a complaint

You can appoint someone else to manage your complaint on your behalf, for example, a friend or family member, a legal representative or financial counsellor. We will talk to your representative if you authorise us to do so.

We are happy to work with an interpreter to assist you in lodging and managing your complaint, such as iSign or NZ Relay (as appropriate). Please let us know if you need help, including any specific needs, to lodge your complaint.

Our guide is available in the following languages:

Please contact us if you need the guide in another language or format.

How to make a complaint

Tell us about your complaint 

What information you need to provide us

  1. Your name
  2. Your preferred contact details
  3. What your complaint is about, including:
    - The product or service your complaint is about and what’s gone wrong
    - The resolution you are seeking
    - Whether you believe you are experiencing financial hardship or difficulties and need assistance.

We will never ask you for your banking PINs, passwords, security codes or anything else that could compromise the security of your banking.  

Your privacy matters

Because we take your privacy very seriously, we may need to:

  • Ask you some security questions to verify your identity
  • Direct message you if you've posted your complaint publicly on social media
  • Obtain our customer's consent directly from them, if you tell us you are representing them and making a complaint on their behalf.

We will use any information you give us in accordance with our Privacy Statement.

You can make a complaint anonymously, but it may limit our ability to investigate and respond to your complaint.

We’ll try to resolve your complaint promptly

If possible, we’ll try to resolve your complaint on the spot.

If we need more time to investigate and explore resolution options with you, we’ll let you know and keep you informed of our progress.

If you ask us to, or if your complaint is complicated, we’ll confirm the outcome with you in writing.

No matter how complicated your complaint is, we’ll aim to resolve it in no more than 90 days (or 20 business days if you are in financial difficulty). Please help us meet these timeframes by replying to any questions we may have for you. 

If you don’t answer our questions or stop communicating with us, we may close your complaint if we don’t hear back from you within two weeks.  We’ll let you know if we do this.

How to have your complaint reviewed

The Banking Ombudsman Scheme 

ANZ New Zealand is a member of the Banking Ombudsman Scheme (BOS).

BOS provides a free and independent service to help you resolve problems with your banking. You can contact them for help even if we are still investigating your complaint.

Generally, ANZ needs a reasonable opportunity to consider your concerns before BOS can review your complaint.

We’ll provide you with the Banking Ombudsman Scheme’s contact details when:

  • We record your complaint and can’t resolve it on the same day
  • You are not satisfied with our final response to your complaint
  • We haven’t resolved your complaint within 90 days

Contact the Banking Ombudsman Scheme

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