Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Notice

We operate CCTV systems with monitoring and recording capabilities at a range of locations which record images of staff, customers, contractors and members of the public when at or near those locations.

About this Notice

This Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Notice (CCTV Notice) forms part of our Privacy Statement. It sets out our approach to the collection, storage, use and disclosure of personal information using ANZ CCTV systems.

We operate CCTV systems with monitoring and recording capabilities at a range of locations which record images of staff, customers, contractors and members of the public when at or near those locations.

This CCTV Notice applies to all CCTV systems owned or operated by us. It does not apply to CCTV systems owned or operated by third parties (for example, at petrol stations or shopping malls) or by tenants or other occupiers of ANZ shared premises.

We may update this CCTV Notice from time to time, in accordance with our Privacy Statement.

This CCTV Notice does not limit the Privacy Act 2020 or any other applicable law.

The CCTV systems we use

Our CCTV systems include fixed position cameras, pan-tilt and zoom cameras and motion-activated recorders. Our CCTV systems operate at all times on a continuous basis.

Our CCTV systems do not record audio.

Our CCTV systems do not use biometric technologies (such as facial recognition or voice analysis) to analyse biometric information to recognise who someone is, or to work out other things about them (such as their gender).

Where our CCTV systems are located

We may use CCTV in the following places:

  • Cash handling areas at or around branches
  • Staff/customer interaction areas and exit and entry points at branches
  • ATMs, to monitor the ATM and the surrounding area
  • Corporate sites, including in common areas, reception areas and entry and exit points.

We will also use signage to notify individuals moving within those places that CCTV systems are in use and, where possible, CCTV cameras will be visible.

Use of our CCTV footage

We collect and use CCTV footage for the following purposes:

  • Protecting the health and safety of our staff, customers, contractors and the public who come on to our sites
  • Protecting property, buildings, critical infrastructure and other assets
  • Deterring criminal behaviour
  • Identifying suspicious vehicles in the vicinity of contractors transporting cash
  • Training staff on how to respond to a critical incident at a branch as well as monitoring staff and customers during an actual critical incident
  • Assisting in the investigation of:
    • Criminal behaviour, or potentially criminal behaviour, including identification and apprehension of individuals who are suspected of engaging in criminal behaviour (see further detail below)
    • Workplace health and safety incidents, including threats to staff
    • Employment related matters, including potential misconduct or performance issues
    • Customer complaints or transaction queries, i.e., claimed discrepancies in terms of monetary amounts deposited or received (whether at a branch or an ATM)
  • Monitoring large cash withdrawals and deposits that take place at a branch.

The security safeguards we use

We use reasonable security safeguards to protect CCTV footage against loss, manipulation, misuse and unauthorised access.

For example, our CCTV systems are installed, operated and monitored by authorised security personnel. CCTV footage is only monitored and reviewed by ANZ authorised personnel from restricted control rooms and/or using mobile devices over our secure internal network.

Who we share CCTV footage with

We may disclose CCTV footage:

  • To law enforcement agencies in connection with the investigation or prosecution of a suspected offence or with a missing person investigation
  • Where necessary for the conduct of a court proceeding
  • To any governmental or regulatory authority which has powers to require the provision of CCTV footage in response to a request from that authority
  • To our insurers in connection with an insurance claim
  • To our service providers in connection with the service provider’s investigation of a workplace health and safety incident involving service provider staff at one of our sites
  • To other New Zealand banks in connection with the investigation of a suspected offence or near offence that has occurred at an ANZ site or at another bank’s site.

We will only disclose CCTV footage in accordance with our Privacy Statement and applicable law. Where relevant or appropriate, we will take steps to de-identify individuals who are identifiable in CCTV footage (for example, by blurring their faces).

Retaining CCTV footage

Our CCTV footage is monitored and reviewed in real time.

We also retain a copy of CCTV footage. In general, this footage is retained for a period of approximately 30 to 90 days at which time the footage will be automatically overwritten. We may retain specific footage and prevent it from being automatically overwritten for a longer period if we consider it necessary to do so for a specific purpose (for example, to investigate a health and safety incident or to comply with applicable law). If the footage is retained for a longer period, it will only be retained for so long as it is reasonably required for the relevant purpose.

Accessing CCTV footage

If you have been recorded on our CCTV footage, you may be entitled to request access to that footage and ask us to correct that footage in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020. Refer to further detail in our Privacy Statement.

If you request access to CCTV footage that no longer exists because it has been overwritten we will let you know.

If you request CCTV footage that has been recorded by another business (e.g., a third party at a third party site), we may need to contact the relevant business in order to obtain the CCTV footage, or transfer the request in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020.

Further information

If you have any questions about this CCTV Notice, please contact us.