Who we can collect information about you from, and who we can give it to

We collect information from, and provide it to, third parties, including people you have acting on your behalf, organisations we work with, or government agencies.

You allow us to both provide your information to third parties, and collect your information from third parties. This will let us do what we have described in the Section called How we can use information about you.

If we give information about you to someone for any of the reasons described in that section, when it is appropriate (having regard to the reasons for disclosure) we’ll require them to keep it confidential and secure. They may use it only for the purpose that we give it to them or as permitted by law.

These are the people and organisations you allow us to get information from, or give information about you to. They may be in New Zealand or overseas.

People and organisations interested in you or your accounts

We can get information from, or give information about you to:

  • You, co-borrowers, your agents, authorised signatories, or customers you are an authorised signatory for.
  • Your parents or guardians — if you’re under 18 years old.
  • Guarantors of any money you owe us.
  • Brokers, custodians and other parties who introduced you to ANZ, are acting on your behalf, or are otherwise financially advising you.

People and organisations we work with

We can get information from, or give information about you to:

  • Anyone in the ANZ Group.
  • Service providers who help us carry out what we describe in the Section called How we can use information about you — for example, mail houses, market research companies, cloud-service providers or data analysis companies.
  • Marketing companies.
  • Supervisors and advisors of our schemes.
  • Credit reporting companies (see Section called We may investigate your credit history and use your information for credit reporting).
  • Debt recovery agencies.
  • Any reputable companies or organisations we have a continuing relationship with — including those we jointly offer products and services with, or anyone who offers loyalty programmes or services related to our accounts, products, or services.
  • Banks or financial institutions — if required when you send money from your account or receive money into it, to confirm or investigate the transaction, and for verification and investigation into such transactions.
  • Anyone who helps us identify, prevent or investigate fraud, unlawful activity, misconduct or threats to our systems.

Other people and organisations we exchange information with

We can get information from, or give information about you to:

  • Inland Revenue, the Financial Markets Authority and other applicable regulatory or government agencies.
  • Any person or entity assisting us to investigate any concerns or complaints or manage any legal action.
  • Any other person or organisation as allowed by applicable law, including the Privacy Act 2020.

From public sources

From time to time, we collect information about you from public sources.

We may need more information about individuals connected with organisations

If your account is for an organisation, like a company, trust or partnership, we may also need to know information about who:

  • Owns it.
  • Controls it.
  • Has authority to act on its behalf.

For example, these people may be your directors, officers, employees, trustees, partners, shareholders, people who established a trust or the beneficiaries of a trust.

We can ask these people for the information directly or ask you for that information, if they allow you to provide it on their behalf.

We may need to give information about you to others to comply with laws in New Zealand or overseas

We must comply with laws in New Zealand and overseas. You agree we can give information about you to the police, other financial institutions or government agencies in New Zealand or overseas:

  • To comply with the law.
  • To help us decide how to comply with the law.
  • If we believe the information will help prevent fraud, money laundering, or other crimes.

You agree to give us any information we ask for if we believe we need it to comply with the law in New Zealand or overseas.

We may not be allowed to tell you if we give out information about you. We’re not responsible to you or anyone else if we give information about you for these reasons.