How we use information about you on our Digital Platforms

When you use our Digital Platforms, like our website, Internet Banking and our goMoney app, we collect and use information about you and how you use the Digital Platform.

If you use our Digital Platforms, then in addition to the rest of this Privacy Statement, you’ll want to read:

You allow us to collect information when you use our Digital Platforms

By using our Digital Platforms, you agree we may collect and use information about:

  • You
  • Your activity on the Digital Platforms
  • Your device – including the type and model of your device, browser, app and operating system
  • The IP address
  • The security and identifying information of your device
  • The information gathered through cookies and other digital tracking tools.

We may record information if you visit certain areas of our Digital Platforms

We may record details of your visit to open areas of our Digital Platforms (for example, areas of the ANZ website where you don’t have to log on). We may also record your visits to third-party websites with ANZ content.

If you read, browse or download information, we may record the:

  • Date and time you visit
  • Pages and parts of the page you view
  • Information you download.

If you log on to secure areas, we can combine your identifying information (unique identifiers) with details of your visit and your other information (including personal information). This may tell us what you are interested in.

A cookie is a small record of your visit to a website

A cookie is a small text file saved on your device when you visit a website. Your browser saves the cookie and retrieves it the next time you visit that website.

You can choose if and how your browser accepts cookies by changing your preferences and options in your browser.

You won’t be able to use our secure services if your browser rejects all cookies.

We use cookies and identifying information to deliver services

Cookies and identifying information are an important way we interact with your internet browser. We can use them to:

  • Give you better and more customised service
  • Improve our website
  • Advertise more effectively.

We allow some third-party cookies

We may allow third-party companies to use cookies and other technology, and collect information when you visit open areas of our Digital Platforms (for example, areas of the ANZ website where you don’t have to log on). For example, they may collect information on:

  • What you clicked to access information
  • Your type of browser
  • The time and date of your visit
  • The types of advertisements you click on or scroll over
  • Your location
  • Your device identification.

Your visits to third-party websites may be recorded

Our Digital Platforms may link to third-party websites. Clicking these links may mean you give information to us or to third parties, perhaps through cookies or in other ways.

We may have access to that information if you visit other websites through our website, and if we have an arrangement to access this information. The websites may collect information about you through your preferences, cookies, or other information you give.

We are not responsible for content on other websites

Please review the privacy policies of third-party sites before you use the sites. They should have their own privacy statements and be responsible for their own privacy practices.

We are not responsible for content on third-party websites. If we link to them, we do it only for your convenience. It does not mean we support the products those websites offer.

See our Cookies and Analytics Notice for more details.

We reasonably protect your information

We take reasonable steps to secure cookie and personal information, in accordance with this Privacy Statement and the ANZ Website Terms of Use. We use modern encryption standards to secure your information.

We regularly review developments in security and encryption technology and take reasonable steps to protect your information once our systems receive it.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that information you send us, or get from our online products or services, is secure. You send or receive information at your own risk.

We act to prevent fraud

We use IP addresses and other information to detect and prevent fraud. We store your IP address for security purposes, to improve the website, and for auditing and reporting.

When we are investigating security issues, fraud or inappropriate behaviour we may have to use your IP address or give it to third parties. For example, if there is unauthorised access to your device or ours, or if there are fraudulent transactions.