How we can use information about you

We can use your information for the purposes explained in this section of our Privacy Statement, and for anything else you agree to.

We can use information about you:

  • To contact you.
  • For the reasons we tell you in this Privacy Statement or when we collect the information.
  • For other reasons you agree to.

We can use information to give you products or services

We can use information about you:

  • To decide if we give you a certain account, product or service.
  • To give you accounts, products or services, or manage or administer them.
  • To manage our relationship with you.
  • For administrative and operational tasks.
  • To advertise other accounts, products, or services we or third parties offer — we may advertise online, such as on our websites, or third-party websites and applications including social media.

We can use information to improve our products and services, analyse data and generate insights

We can use information about you:

  • To work with reputable companies or organisations in New Zealand or overseas that offer loyalty programmes or other services, or that offer accounts, products and services related to ours.
  • To do market and customer research and analysis.
  • To analyse data, and use or develop analytic tools — for example, to understand, tailor and improve your experience on our Digital Platforms, or to identify products and services that may interest you. Or to generate insights, including insights on our services, or insights we provide to third parties.

We can use information for security reasons or investigations

We can use information about you:

  • To monitor, manage and keep our Digital Platforms secure — learn how we collect information in the Section called How we use information about you on our Digital Platforms and the Cookies and Analytics Notice.
  • To identify, prevent or investigate any actual or suspected fraud, unlawful activity, misconduct or threats to our systems — this may include monitoring traffic and information to and from our Digital Platforms and other IT systems.
  • To investigate any concerns or complaints or manage any legal action.

We can use information to comply with the law

We can use information about you:

  • To comply with laws, regulations, codes of practice and external payment systems.
  • To identify you or establish your tax status, including as required by any law or tax treaty with a tax authority.

We can compare and combine information about you

For any of the reasons above, we can also compare and combine information we have about you with:

  • Publicly available information about you.
  • Information held by reputable companies or organisations we have a continuing relationship with.

You can choose not to receive information about products and services

Call us on 0800 269 296 or tell us at any branch or Business Centre if you don’t want information about other products or services, or those of other reputable companies or organisations.