Card settings in ANZ goMoney

Control how your ANZ Visa Debit card, ANZ Visa credit card and mobile wallet can be used by turning on or off the settings for certain types of purchases.


Types of purchases you can turn on and off

Contactless purchases

Contactless cards are a convenient and quick way to pay for things – you don’t have to swipe, insert, sign, or enter a PIN when you make a purchase for NZ$200 or less. With card settings, you have the choice of turning contactless purchases off if you’d prefer.

Online shopping

This setting controls the ability to make online purchases, which may include purchases made over the phone. If turned off, it may also stop you setting up recurring payments or subscriptions (i.e. for a streaming service). Any existing recurring payments or subscriptions will continue as usual.

Overseas in-person

Block your card from being used overseas for in-store purchases and ATM withdrawals. This setting won’t stop online transactions processed overseas (i.e. if you make a purchase on a website based overseas), which are covered by the online shopping setting.

Online gambling

Stop transactions for online gambling such as lotteries and gambling apps (exceptions apply) by turning this setting off. If you turn this setting back on, you’ll need to wait 48 hours (cool down period) before you can use your card to gamble online again. 

Turning the online gambling setting off may sometimes also block gambling transactions you make in person if they are processed on the Visa network. For example, if you make a contactless purchase or you make the purchase by inserting or swiping your ANZ Visa credit card at gambling merchant terminals.

Where to find card settings

Changing card settings is only available in the ANZ goMoney mobile app.

In goMoney, go to Services > Manage cards > select a Visa card > Card settings.

What the settings can’t control

  • Existing recurring payments and subscriptions won’t be blocked when you turn off online purchases.
  • Transactions where you insert or swipe your ANZ Visa card at a gambling merchant terminal may not be blocked if you have online gambling turned off.
  • If we get incorrect transaction information from merchants or other parties, transactions may still be processed even if the relevant card setting is turned off. 

Joint cards

If you have joint cards that share the same card number, any changes you make in card settings will also apply to the other joint cards.

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Important information

See the conditions of use for credit cards on our Credit card rates, fees and agreements page, and the conditions of use for Visa Debit cards (which includes mobile wallets) on our Bank account rates, fees and agreements page.

Eligibility criteria and terms and conditions apply to ANZ goMoney. See our ANZ Electronic Banking Conditions (PDF 138KB) for more information.

The card settings feature is available on all ANZ Visa Debit and credit cards, except on ANZ Visa Company and ANZ Visa Lodged Purchasing cards.