Moving to Australia

You may be able to take your KiwiSaver savings with you.

Transferring to an Australian Superannuation Scheme

If you’re planning to move to Australia permanently, or you’ve already done so, you may be able to transfer your KiwiSaver savings to an Australian Super scheme.

What do you need to do?

Please be aware that not all Australian providers accept KiwiSaver transfers. If you want to transfer to an Aussie Super scheme:

  • Check with your chosen Australian provider to confirm whether they accept KiwiSaver transfers.
  • If they do, email us at or call us on 0800 736 034 and we’ll provide you with the documentation needed to complete the transfer.

What can you transfer?

If you’re transferring to an Australian Super scheme, you’ll need to transfer your total balance. This includes any Government contributions you received while you lived in New Zealand. Please note: any Government contributions you may have received while residing overseas will be returned to the government.

What happens if you move back to New Zealand or to another country?

If you permanently emigrated to Australia and transferred your KiwiSaver savings to an Australian Super scheme, if you later decide to return to New Zealand and transfer your savings back to a New Zealand KiwiSaver scheme, the total of your transferred retirement savings will be treated as Australian sourced funds. This means if you were to apply for a first home withdrawal you wouldn’t be able to withdraw any of the amount that you transferred back to New Zealand.

If you’re only moving to Australia temporarily

A TTP transfer would not be appropriate, as to qualify your emigration must be expected to be permanent. Your money will remain invested while you’re away and you can keep your KiwiSaver account open.


If you move to a different country

Once you’ve transferred your KiwiSaver savings to an Australian Super scheme (or vice versa), those funds can’t be transferred to a third country.

From overseas: +64 9 356 4000

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Important information

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