An overview of the ANZ Investment Funds

What are the main benefits?

You benefit from investing in diversified funds, giving you access to a broad range of assets you might not be able to invest in yourself.

You also benefit from flexible investment and withdrawal options. You choose:

  • how much and when to invest
  • when to withdraw your money
  • which fund your money is invested in.

To find out how ANZ Investment Funds could help you achieve your financial goals, check out our case studies.

Payment options

You can make regular payments

You can make regular fortnightly, monthly or quarterly payments straight from your bank account. The minimum regular payment per fund is $50.

You can make lump sum payments

If you do not want to make regular payments, you must make an initial lump sum payment of $500 or more when you first join a fund.

You can also make additional lump sum payments of $500 or more at any time, whether or not you have a regular payment set up.

Or, you can do both

The funds are flexible enough so that you can make contributions on a regular basis, as well as adding a lump sum investment.

For more information, see Payment options.

You can withdraw at any time

You can request a withdrawal on any business day. You decide when and how much to withdraw.

You can also set up a regular withdrawal to supplement your income or support your lifestyle.

The minimum amount you can withdraw is:

  • $500 if you're making a lump sum withdrawal, or
  • $100 per fund if you're making a regular withdrawal.

If you would like to make a withdrawal, please complete Form 7 - Withdrawal Form (PDF 264kB) and return it to us.

You decide which fund to invest in

We offer five diversified investment funds. Each fund has a different asset class mix. This means each fund has a different level of risk and expected return. 

You can choose the fund that is best suited to your needs. For more information, see Choosing the right fund.

View your investment funds online

If you bank with ANZ, you can use ANZ Internet Banking, and/or ANZ goMoney to view your investment.

You can view your current balance, your transaction history and your investment's performance, as well as check your fund(s) and your prescribed investor rate.

How to register for ANZ Internet Banking

If you’re an ANZ banking customer, you can register online at Click on ‘Register’ and complete the online form.

If you’re not an ANZ banking customer, you can be set up in your nearest ANZ branch. You will need to provide your proof of identity, see the full list of acceptable identity documents.

Our website has valuable information and resources that can help you manage your investment.

You have access to advice
Our financial advisers can help you choose the right fund. They can provide you with free, easy and convenient advice based on your personal financial situation.
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Each fund has a maximum fee

The annual fund charge is the total fee for your investment. This fee is a percentage of the net asset value of each fund, and is deducted from it. You will not pay more than this fee. For more information, see Fees and charges.


Investing involves risks

Investing in the funds will involve taking some risk.

Your investment might not do as well as expected and you may not receive back the full amount you invested.

It's important to note that your investment in the funds is not guaranteed by anyone.

We recommend that you talk to a financial adviser about the investment options available to you. Call us on 0800 269 238 to speak with an ANZ Financial Adviser or contact your financial adviser.

ANZ New Zealand Investments Limited is the issuer and manager of the ANZ Investment Funds. Important information is available under terms & conditions. Download the ANZ Investment Funds guide and product disclosure statement.

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