Travel money

Ways to pay and get foreign currencies, including using overseas ATMs.

Will my card work overseas?

You can use your ANZ Visa Debit and credit cards in most countries. 

Be prepared for a few differences if you make transactions that would usually require a PIN if you were in New Zealand:

  • United States – you may be asked to enter a five-digit ZIP (postcode) as well as your PIN. Add a zero after your New Zealand postcode, e.g. 7011 becomes 70110
  • European Union – you may not be asked to enter a PIN due to different settings on some payment terminals. 

Countries where you can’t use your card (sanctioned countries)

ANZ’s Sanctions Policy means your ANZ Visa Debit or credit card will not work in these countries:

  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Syria.

For more information on sanctioned countries, see our Sanctions Policy (PDF 154KB).

The New Zealand government’s Safe Travel website provides official guidance for New Zealanders travelling or living overseas. This includes information on how you can access funds while travelling.

Travel money options

It’s a good idea to take a mix of payment methods, like foreign cash and your ANZ Visa Debit and/or credit card. 

Credit and debit cards

In most countries you can use your ANZ Visa Debit and credit cards – including Apple Pay or Google Pay™ – to make purchases and get cash from ATMs.

You’ll pay a 1.3% conversion charge for foreign currency transactions online and overseas.

How you can use your different cards:
  • ANZ Visa Debit card – to withdraw cash at ATMs and make purchases using money in your everyday account. 
  • ANZ EFTPOS card – to withdraw cash at ATMs using money in your everyday account. If you also want to make purchases overseas, you can upgrade your EFTPOS card to an ANZ Visa Debit card.
  • ANZ Visa credit cards – to make purchases.
  • ANZ Airpoints Visa Platinum card – to make purchases. You may also be eligible for Overseas Travel Insurance

Overseas ATMs

You can use your ANZ Visa Debit card at any ATM around the world, apart from sanctioned countries.

We do not charge an Overseas ATM fee for using ATMs outside New Zealand. Banks and other financial institutions who own overseas ATMs may charge a fee for using them.

ANZ has ATMs in Australia and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region. To find an ANZ ATM near you, you can:

Our currency conversion charge of 1.3% of the NZD amount applies to foreign transactions, including cash withdrawals from overseas ATMs.

Lost or stolen cards

If your card gets lost or stolen, you can use ANZ Internet Banking or the ANZ goMoney mobile app to:

  • Block your card so no one can use it
  • Cancel the card and order a replacement (courier charges may apply)
  • Set a PIN for your new card.

Once we issue a new card, you can instantly add it to your mobile wallet to make contactless payments. You don’t have to wait until you have a physical card.

Foreign cash and travellers' cheques

We don’t buy or sell foreign cash. To access foreign cash, you can use your ANZ Visa Debit card to withdraw cash from overseas ATMs. For other options, see We no longer offer foreign currency cash.

We don’t issue travellers’ cheques. We only accept travellers’ cheques previously issued by ANZ if these will be deposited into an ANZ account. 

Managing your money overseas

Take your banking with you 24/7

With ANZ's smart money management tools – goMoney and Internet Banking – it's easy to keep control of your finances while you're away.

ANZ Fraud Check

We have fraud monitoring systems and a dedicated team who review banking activity around the clock for anything potentially suspicious or fraudulent. We may send you a text or email if we suspect a transaction might be fraudulent. You won’t be asked to click on a link, we’ll simply ask you to reply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to confirm if the purchase was authorised.

  • If the mobile number we have for you is a New Zealand (+64) or Australian (+61) number, and your phone is on and roaming, you’ll be able to receive and reply to ANZ Fraud Check texts. If you’re overseas and you reply, there may be a charge depending on your network and subscription. 
  • If the mobile number we have for you is from a country other than New Zealand or Australia, we’ll send you an email instead. If we don’t have an email address for you, we’ll try to call you.

If you choose not to reply, we’ll follow up with an email to you to confirm if the transaction was yours or not. Your card will remain blocked until we’re able to contact you.  

Visa 3-D Secure for online purchases

ANZ uses Visa 3-D Secure to provide extra security when you’re making purchases online with your ANZ Visa Debit or credit card.

If you plan to shop online while overseas, make sure you can receive the one-time Visa 3-D Secure passcode to your mobile phone:

  • If you’re travelling with your New Zealand mobile phone, switch on roaming while buying online
  • If you’ll use an international number, tell us so we can update your contact details.

Remember to change your phone number back when you return to New Zealand.

ANZ Card Manager to block and unblock your cards

You can use ANZ Card Manager in Internet Banking or goMoney to instantly block or unblock your credit and debit cards, for example if you lose your card or want to save it for emergencies only.

Help and support

Important information

Our financial advice provider statement has some important information you should know about ANZ and our financial advice services. Please take the time to read it.