When using ANZ goMoney, Internet Banking and Phone Banking, ANZ has security measures in place designed to protect you against any unauthorised transactions.

In the unlikely event that you are a genuine victim of fraud, ANZ guarantees that you will be reimbursed for any unauthorised transactions when using ANZ goMoney, Internet Banking and Phone Banking, where you have complied with the following security requirements and the Electronic Banking Conditions:

And, if you have goMoney Wallet, the following documents are applicable:




Keep your PINs and passwords:

  • memorised and not written down (even if disguised)
  • hard to guess and different from your other PINs and passwords
  • secret and change them  regularly and immediately when ANZ asks you to
  • hidden from view when entering them to make sure no one else can see them

Disclose your PINs or passwords to anyone, including ANZ staff and the police.  Don’t:

  • enter your login details on a third party website or mobile application, or a webpage accessed by a link from an email, even emails that appear to be from ANZ
  • set your browser to save or autocomplete your password or login details

Keep your device secure:

  • protect your device, keep it locked and don't leave it unattended if you have goMoney Wallet
  • log-off from our electronic banking services when you’ve finished or before leaving your device unattended
  • take steps to protect your device from unauthorised use such as not leaving your mobile device unattended

Let anyone else access your accounts through our electronic banking services. Don't:

  • give away or sell your mobile device without first deleting goMoney
  • have fingerprint access enabled on your mobile device in goMoney settings if someone else's fingerprint is stored on your mobile device
  • let anyone else register for goMoney using your customer number and Internet Banking password
  • record your voice identification phrases, such as your passphrase
  • let someone else record their voiceprint against your customer number


Contact us immediately if:

  • you know or suspect that someone else knows or might know your PIN or password or has accessed your accounts without your authority
  • your mobile device is lost or stolen
  • you change your phone number
Act fraudulently or negligently or contribute to unauthorised transactions

Make sure you can trust the device you use:  

  • regularly update your operating system
  • use up-to-date anti-virus
    software for any device you use for ANZ Internet Banking


Use public computers (like those in internet cafes, as they might not be safe) or unsecured public wi-fi hotspots that don’t require a password for your banking

Check you’re using the real ANZ website or app:

  • don’t click on links in emails even if they seem legitimate, instead enter www.anz.co.nz directly into your browser’s address bar
  • always ensure there is a security symbol in your browser
  • only install apps on your device from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store

Act maliciously:

  • don’t copy, modify, adversely affect, reverse engineer, hack in to, insert malicious codes into our electronic banking services
  • don't override the software lockdown on your device
  • don't enable or allow jail breaking (for iPhone) or rooting (for Android);
  • only use our electronic banking services to carry out your banking
Keep information we send you private


It’s all part of our commitment to more convenient banking.  

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