Term deposits vs investment funds

Thinking about investing in a term deposit or investment fund? While both are valid investment options, they have different needs in mind.

The best investment option for you depends on your particular situation, your timeframes and your financial goals – so taking the time to understand exactly what you’re investing in is crucial.

To help, here’s an overview of the key features and differences between ANZ Term Deposits and OneAnswer investment funds.

ANZ Term Deposits

OneAnswer investment funds

Access your money anytime

Your money is locked in for the term of your investment. You can apply for an early withdrawal if you’re suffering financial hardship, but an interest rate reduction will apply.

You can request to withdraw some or all of your money at any time. There’s no fee for doing so.



Fixed returns

Your interest rate is locked in for the whole term, so you know exactly what your return will be.

Your returns can vary depending on the performance of your fund.



There are no fees to open a term deposit, and no monthly account maintenance or management fees.

You’ll pay an annual fund charge based on the fund you choose.


Certainty over the return of your capital

The value of your capital is not subject to market performance.



The value of your investment can go up or down depending on the performance of your fund. If investment markets go down, you could lose some of your capital. If investment markets go up, your investment value will also go up.


ANZ Term Deposits are bank deposits, with no exposure to other types of investments.





Our multi-asset-class funds provides the benefit of diversification as they invest in a wide range of assets including shares, listed property, fixed interest (such as bonds) and cash and cash equivalents.

Our single-asset-class funds allow you the flexibility to combine different asset classes so you can choose how you diversify your investments.

Potential for higher returns

You receive a fixed return for a fixed term.

Depending on which fund you invest in, there’s potential for higher returns over the long term.

Volatility and risk

There are no ups and downs in value, offering the certainty of a fixed return.

The value of your investment can go up and down in line with the performance of your fund.

Active management

ANZ Term Deposits are bank deposits and offers no investment flexibility.



The funds are actively managed by our experienced Investment Management team. Our active approach means we constantly monitor markets to identify what we believe are the best opportunities to optimise your investment.

Weighing things up

When considering investing in a term deposit or investment fund, consider:

  • Your investment timeframe – how long do you want to invest for? Investment funds typically have minimum recommended investment timeframes, depending on the type of fund and what it invests in. Term deposit terms range from six months to five years. 
  • Investment funds typically have higher volatility (fluctuations in the value of your investment) and higher risk than term deposits, but also offer the potential for higher returns. 

Find out more about the OneAnswer Multi-Asset-Class Funds and OneAnswer Single-Asset-Class Funds:

Tailored investment advice

The future is bright when you feel confident about your investment choices. If you need help choosing the right investment option for you, talk to your financial adviser. If you don’t have a financial adviser, we can put you in touch with an ANZ Investment Adviser on 0800 736 034. See ANZ’s financial advice provider disclosure.

Important information

Our financial advice provider statement has some important information you should know about ANZ and our financial advice services. Please take the time to read it.

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ANZ New Zealand Investments Limited ('ANZ Investments') is the issuer and manager of the OneAnswer Multi-Asset-Class Funds and the OneAnswer Single-Asset-Class Funds (together, the 'schemes'). Important information is available under terms & conditions. Download the guide and product disclosure statement.