Card Tracker in ANZ goMoney

Get greater visibility of your cards by finding out which retailers and service providers may have your personal ANZ Visa Debit or credit card details stored.


Why retailers and service providers store your card details

You may get asked for your authorisation to store your card details so a retailer or service provider can charge your card without you having to provide your details again.

This can be useful for online stores you use regularly, subscription services, memberships, and for casual charges such as ride share or food delivery services ordered through an app.

What Card Tracker shows you

You’ll see a summary of the retailers and service providers that may have stored the details of your personal ANZ Visa Debit or credit card and used it for a payment in the last 13 months.

You’ll also see the date of the last payment to them which is when the purchase was made and authorised. This may be different to the date shown in the transaction history for your everyday account or Visa card, due to factors such as when and how the provider processed the payment or whether the provider is based in New Zealand or overseas. If you have multiple subscriptions with a single retailer or service provider on the same card, you’ll only see the most recent payment. 

A retailer may appear without a last payment date if no transaction was made, for example a trial subscription that was cancelled or a card validity check. If the last payment was more than 13 months ago, that retailer won’t appear.

Card Tracker shows information about your individual card. If you have an additional card, or a joint card, the details for the other card will appear in the other cardholder’s goMoney.

Reasons your card might not be showing Card Tracker

Your card might not show Card Tracker if it’s a business credit card or if it has been lost, stolen or closed. You’ll also need to ensure you have a supported iOS device (version 14 or above) or Android device (version 7 or above) with the most up-to-date ANZ goMoney app version installed.

Where to find Card Tracker

Card Tracker is only available in the ANZ goMoney mobile app.

Simply log into goMoney, go to Services > Manage cards > select a Visa card > Card Tracker.

Watch this video to see how.

Stopping recurring payments, or updating or deleting your card details

You’ll need to contact the retailer or service provider directly if you need them to:

  • cancel a recurring payment 
  • update or delete the card details they have stored for you. 

Payments made within the last 13 months will still appear in Card Tracker, even if the retailer has since deleted your details or cancelled the subscription. 

Cancelling your card, or closing your account, may not stop future payments as the company may still continue to charge until the corresponding payment authority is cancelled (i.e. you have contacted the company and arranged cancellation of the service). The authority to make payments is different to the authority to save your card details.

Examples of payments that may appear in Card Tracker

Casual purchases

When you buy or order something, the retailer may ask if they can save your card details for future purchases. Common casual purchases include online shopping sites or a ride share service. This can be useful if you use that retailer or service often.


When you sign up for a service that involves a regular payment, the provider needs to keep your card details so they can charge you. Common services include streaming and music subscriptions.

Card validity checks

A retailer or service provider may make a small charge to your card, or put a hold on it, then reverse it once they confirm the card is valid. This is often done when you use your card to book a hotel. 


For some services, your card can be used for manual or automatic topping up of an account. Automatic topping up usually happens on a certain date or if the account balance drops to a certain level. This is commonly used for services like public transport cards and mobile phone accounts.


Instalments could include ‘buy now, pay later’ schemes, or paying in small chunks over time rather than in a lump sum.

If you don’t recognise a name in Card Tracker

Some retailers and service providers use different names. They may have a ‘trading name’ that they are known by and a ‘legal name’ that the business is registered under. The name you see on your bank statement or in Card Tracker may be their legal name. A quick web search may help you find out the trading name for a legal name you don’t recognise. 

Some providers use third parties to organise payments, and it may be the third party’s name you see in Card Tracker. For example, companies like EziDebit, Epoch and Ezipay are often used in the fitness or beauty industry, among others. You can reach out to the likely retailer or provider to confirm if they use a third party. 

If you suspect a transaction is fraudulent, place a temporary block on your card in goMoney and contact us immediately:

  • Call 0800 269 296 (or +64 4 470 3142 from overseas, charges may apply) 7 days a week, 24 hours
  • Visit any ANZ branch

Reasons a retailer or service provider doesn’t appear in Card Tracker

There are a few reasons, including:

  • Payments that don’t involve storing your card details will not appear in Card Tracker. For example, direct debits or automatic payments.
  • A retailer or provider may only appear in Card Tracker after the first few payments to them have been made. Card Tracker is updated approximately every 24 hours. 
  • If a retailer or provider doesn’t meet our reliability criteria, they may not appear in Card Tracker. Our reliability criteria assess how confident we are that you’ve authorised your card details to be stored. 

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Important information

The information in the Card Tracker feature of ANZ goMoney is provided to ANZ by a third party. ANZ does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of that information, or its suitability for your particular circumstances. To the extent the law allows, ANZ excludes liability for any loss suffered as a result of this feature within ANZ goMoney, except where such loss is caused by ANZ’s negligence, fraud or wilful misconduct. 

Eligibility criteria and terms and conditions apply to ANZ goMoney. See our ANZ Electronic Banking Conditions (PDF 138KB) for more information.